5 Things You Should Avoid At Any Cost When Meeting With Investors

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Your business is fast growing, but need a bit of help, some finances flushed in it? For the past few weeks, you have carefully prepared to meet with people, who are interested in investing in your business? Preparation is a good thing to do, as long as you do not overdo it because it will show and you will diminish your chances. What must you not do when you make the final presentation before the investors?

There are 5 things you should avoid at any cost when meeting with investors.

Fail to Answer

Throughout the entire business presentation, your will have to answer to numerous question. If you cannot give a clear answer, but instead try to avoid it, to lie, or give a confusing explanation, you will repel your chances of investments. Be calm, collect, and realistic about your answers.

Make an Unnecessarily Detailed, Boring, and Too Long of a Presentation

That kind of says it all. Instead of focusing on unnecessary details, and further yourself from the important stuff, make sure your presentation cover the exact specifics every investor looks for in a business. Too much information makes for a messy pile of nonsense, which will eventually burn all your efforts to ashes.

Pretend Your Business is Flawless

After all if your business was that much thriving, having no issues, weak spots, and rivals, you would not need investors. Instead of picturing your business like the Holy Grail, make sure you show your future investors your plan, and how are you going to make it their most successful investment. Don’t wait to be asked how your business is better than that of the competition, but prove it is. There is no perfect business, but there certainly are path that can take you to the top.

Neglect Your Team

We have mentioned in our “The Key Features Every Investors Looks For In a Startup” what does an investor care for the most. Failing to present your team, their work, and importance for the project will backfire at you. Investors care to know not only you but your product, company, services, team. They need to see that you are a team of professionals, capable of delivering what is promised.

Have No Strategy

If you have no long-term plan for the development of your business, it is a fail. Your future investors care to see that this business idea is going somewhere. They need to know their effort will be worth it. You have to open for them a realistic window into the future and show them the paved way to it. Your strategy for what is to come is vital for those business meetings.


These 5 things you should avoid at any cost when meeting with investors are your primary concern. In such meetings it is vital you keep your cool and know your stuff by heart. Be organized and concise when you speak. Making a comprehensive yet brief introduction to your business is the most successful approach.

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