How will monitoring your team make them happy?

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 Can you imagine a happy day at work?? No problems what so ever, no slacking by anyone, just a flawless workforce with no complaints. Truth is this is absolutely achievable with a simple time tracking software solution. What do we mean by that? Well, with an online tracking system the doors to the office heaven will open for you. How, you may say? Easy! SCREENish’s employee time tracker will help you out!
Think about a normal office, there are always those, who do not do the job assigned to them, slack of, hide, say “I did it, but the computer lost it/broke/deleted it/crashed”, “Dog ate the keyboard, couldn’t work faster…” and other similar and not so much similar excuses. Why is that? There are always those who prefer to spend the quality office time surfing through the internet social pages and media, play games occasionally or just do nothing and stare at the monitor and wait for the task to become so important that someone else does it. Then that someone else who had to do the work of a few of those, is now nervous, wondering why again he/ she has to take care of all the stuff and never receive even a simple gratitude from his/hers coworkers.
An employee activity monitoring software will give all the employees, especially the hard working ones the way to prove themselves as a needed workforce. In the other hand using that time tracking software will show you which of your employees are not doing their jobs properly and fully and will give you the opportunity to have only worthy workers.
The online time management tool will provide you with usable and understandable graphs for your projects, giving you time sheets and so much more important information for you. So what will we get you in the end? Happy workers, equals a perfectly working employee heaven, with no glitches what so ever. This is the way to organize your workforce using the provided graphs and time sheets and easily adjust your employees for every other project that you have. The result of course is more income for you. No doubt about that.
The screen recording software of SCREENish will provide you with best daily, weekly and monthly reports and graphs, for any employee or all of them. Our tracking tool will save you the money spent on employee’s social network diving, since you can just remove those minutes spent on their personal interest from their payment.
Now that you know how much more easily it can be to lead your team, why not give it a try? First 10 days are free!

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