How to Implement a Program to Monitor the Work of Employees

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According to statistics, most of the company’s losses (70%) associated with theft happen with the participation and the fault of employees. At the same time, most of these violations are committed by trustworthy employees who have worked for the benefit of the company for more than a year and who have a reputation of reliable people. Working in the company for a long time, the employee gets acquainted with its internal device, program for monitoring the work of employees, the security system and can further understand how to use them for their own interests.

Theft, after all, is an extreme option, minor violations are more common. Without a well-functioning program, the following typical abuses are used to monitor the work of employees:

  1. A waste of working time
  2. Use of working equipment for personal purposes
  3. Abuse (theft, misuse, falsification, forgery) of checks, money on accounts, etc.
  4. Theft of corporate technology and inventory
  5. “Rollbacks” and bribes
  6. Falsification of documentation (reports, work records, etc.)
  7. Falsification of documentation (reports, work records, etc.)
  8. Fraud in wages (for example, pay for non-existent persons)

HR-specialists believe that only 30% of employees are absolutely committed to the company and will not betray it in any circumstances. 50% of respondents violate the law, if they are sure that punishment will not be followed or that it will be mild, 20% of respondents will be able to violate the law in any circumstances. Data for many seem unexpected, but without a modern program to control the work of employees, a company can be “destroyed” from within.

Therefore, the management of most enterprises decides to strictly control their employees. Experts from the American Management Association and The ePolicy Institute in 2003 studied the surveillance systems for employees. 1627 leaders were interviewed. 82% said they use some of the tools of automated programs to monitor the work of employees, like
time tracking with screenshots: 63% monitor the activity of employees on the Internet, 47% analyze the electronic correspondence of employees.

Let’s list some methods that the management of world enterprises use to control personnel:

1. Recruitment.
2. Open and hidden video surveillance systems.
3. Automated programs for monitoring the work of employees on the computer – time tracking with screenshots
4. Record, listen and analyze telephone conversations of employees.
5. Working email monitoring
6. Automated time tracking systems like SCREENish
7. Control of mobile phones of employees

To ensure that the program to control the work of employees does not cause problems for the management itself, it is necessary to adhere to a number of rules:

• Notify employees about the use of monitoring tools
• Explain why monitoring of their activities is needed
• Establish clear rules on how and how to monitor
• Identify and voice penalties for violations
If you adhere to the above rules, the time tracking with screenshots program will yield positive results.

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