Research: What is the Secret of Over Productive People?

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Many of us try to increase our own productivity: use time tracking with screenshots, make lists of cases, prioritize, but still do not have much time. Dr. T. Bredbury (author of “Emotional Intelligence”) conducted a study and found out the secret of over productive people. To do this, he thoroughly studied the habits of successful people on the Fortune 500 list.

The main conclusion made by the researcher is that the main reason for the low productivity is that we do not have enough time, and not that bad habits hang to us or we in principle have low working capacity. People who keep a record of time worked, also come to this conclusion.

You do not have to work every minute to become more productive. You need to spend every minute wisely. Bradbury examined the behavior of high-ranking officials of large companies and found out what habits we can adopt from these people in order to become equally productive.

If the task can be done immediately, do not delay it for later.

Is there a task that will take no more than two minutes of your time? Do it right away or delegate it so that you do not forget and do not return to it again.

Always prepare for the next business day in advance.

If you use time tracking with screenshots, set aside 15 minutes for planning the next day today. Thus, you will analyze the past day and be able to “lay” productivity for tomorrow.

We all have deeds that we do not like, which are unpleasant to us. Such things need to be done first, and only then do we take on tasks that, on the contrary, we like and evoke pleasant emotions.

Get rid of urgent tasks

Urgent tasks often overlap important ones. Productive people either ignore them, or select an employee who can transfer urgent business.

Prepare the plan of the meeting and follow it!

A lot of employees do not like meeting and consider them a waste of time. To prevent this from happening, organize a meeting by preliminarily preparing your plan. Keep a record of hours worked, so as not to stretch the meeting.

Learn to answer “no”

Productive people use “no”, whenever they are not sure about something and can not give consent. This saves time and the interlocutor as well.

Take the time to verify the mail

Most often there is no urgency in the letters, therefore, checking it every five minutes, you harm the accounting of the time worked by you and reduce your own productivity.

Refuse multitasking

A lot of studies have confirmed: multitasking is destructive for labor efficiency.

Sometimes take long breaks at work

In order not to worry, what happens in the company without you, ask a colleague to call you only in the most urgent cases, and take a break and disconnect from work. After a while you can look at the situation with a fresh look.

Do not be afraid to delegate

Some people are frightened by the thought that someone can do their job just as well. It means that there is someone as talented and clever. Really productive people are not afraid of this and trust their tasks to others, thus freeing up their time.

Embrace technology in your life

Why do manually what technologies can do: for example, you can keep track of time worked for time tracking with screenshots. Use these opportunities and free up your time for more important tasks.

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