4 Ways To Make Your Team Stop Losing The Precious Working Time

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Have you recently noticed that your office cafeteria is more social than the conference room you actually arranged for new project discussion? Or you are a little bit concerned about the fact that your freelancers are to active in the social web, trying to make you like them by liking your business or corporate posts? Well, you might probably have a serious problem and it is called “your employees don’t value their working time”. When the moment for an employee to neglect his or her working schedule or correct lunch time a boss is supposed to act. And today, we are here to give you a hand into this office intervention. Here is how to make your team stop losing its precious working time and how to make a worker appreciate the office e schedule without actual use of force:

  1. Start paying for extra hours

If you are not kind or generous with those, who are ready to invest in their lunch breaks in the sake of the company, don’t expect the lazy workers to be in time for work or to be fully concentrated during the regular working time. This is why you urgently need to encourage people, who are eager to be staying up to late with the attempt to finish their job before going back home. Some people are doing it for prestige, but most of them are simply expecting some extra pay, but nothing else.

  1. Invest in time tracking with screenshots

Such software products are currently available for free and in paid versions, but with lots of interesting options. And besides time tracking with screenshots you might also insist on internet control, so those workers with Facebook addiction can finally face their problem and stop wasting working time in changing their statuses how boring their job actually is.

  1. Settle working time properly

If you insist on liberty in the office by saying everyone can come and go back home when he or she wants to, don’t expect the working time to be appreciated or respected. Have strict rules and schedules and don’t forget: sometimes, the deadline of a project can be the highest motivation for a worker to finish it both: in time and properly. Adjust your time tracking with screenshots software to your working schedule.

  1. Know how to relax and how to work

The working hours must be not only mentioned on paper, but also distinguished by the breaks you have in the office. Try to make your workers to really have fun, to relax and to shake off during the breaks, so they are not supposed to compensate during working hours. Plus – only those, who know how to rest, are ready to work at a full value and vice versa.

Establish these simple rules in your team and see how fast each of your workers will become more punctual soon! Good luck!

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