The Best Time Tracking with SCREENish

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If you are working on several different projects but cannot manage the work of all your remote employees, you need to start using time tracking software. However, if you have never used such software, you’d better use one that is pretty simple. From personal experience, I can say you don’t have to be a specialist to install SCREENish and use it effectively.

First, you have to sign up. The whole process is incredibly easy. All you have to do is fill in your names, email address, country and start your 10-day free trial. Then you have to check your email and confirm your SCREENish account. After you have logged in, you can invite your employees to start using time tracking with screenshots. You have to write down their email and click the button “invite employee”. You will orientate in the dashboard for less than a minute. Once you have invited your employees and they have agreed to become a part of your team, you have to create a project.

Go to the “Project” section and click on the button “Create new project”. You are ready! Now, slide down and click to add a project name and description of the project. If you fill that information immediately when creating the project, you will be able to manage all your projects easily. SCREENish gives you an option to share the project with the client who has paid for it. If you want to share the project with your client, you have to write down his email address and click on the “save” button. If you do this, your client will receive a link and a password. He will have access to this project only.

When you have created the project, it’s time to assign it to your employees. Go on the “Assign Projects to Employees” section which is positioned right next to “Create new project” section. You can start with choosing the currency for the project. The default currency is USD. It is important to know that for time tracking with screenshots, you can choose only one type of currency for 1 project.

Then you have to focus on the specifics of the individual project. If you are working for the first time with this employee, you should choose “Regular Tracking” option. If you are working with the employee regularly and you know he is responsible and hard-working, you may choose “Trusted Tracking” option. These trusted employees have the option to record their time using the Chrome time tracking extension. Moreover, you have an option to allow manual time to be recorded. You can also adjust weekly limit and price per hour. This will help you to make easier accounting of the sum you owe to the employee.

In the “Advanced Options” section you can set other monitoring options – whether you are going to use time tracking with screenshots for this specific employee, do you allow program and idle time reports, and not at last place – you can set distraction rules. This is incredible advantage of SCREENish time tracking software which gives you the opportunity to prevent your employees from visiting Skype, Facebook, Twitter or whatever other website you want to permit. Basically, this limitation is used for employees that you don’t know or don’t trust. If you have found that specific employee is checking his Facebook account while he is supposed to be working, you can set this distraction prevention rule and adjust it for “All browsers”.

As you can see everything with SCREENish is incredibly easy. It will take you only a day to get used to SCREENish software and use it adequate.

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