Top Time Tracking with Screenshots Myths Are Finally Busted

Time tracking with screenshots.
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Time tracking with screenshots has become super modern and cool way to establish a decent and working organization in your everyday office or remote workers activity. Whether you are a single business owner, who has no human resources to hire lots of chiefs in different departments or you are a manager with more pro-digitally oriented visionary for the success, time tracking with screenshots is by all means a fantastic idea to embrace in your work.

Unfortunately, like anything new that is glad enough to enter the old school way of organizing a business, time tracking with screenshots has its demons to be chased by all the time. What we are talking about are the main myths that we keep hearing about this genius tool (yes, we are certain in calling it genius, because we know both sides of the story: to monitor the workers physically and to make software do this chore). Thank God, though, the top time tracking with screenshots myths are finally busted:

  1. Such software is all about the evil control over workers

No, it’s not. It actually helps them to be always in time – including for those workers, who are used to remain in the office AFTER working time. And it also represents the best results a bestie in the office shows in case the manager is too busy to physically observe it. So besides the negative meaning of the world monitoring, time tracking with screenshots show many positive sides for the employees. And it is a true fact that they admit it. Including the remote workers, by the way.

  1. Such a product is just another chore to the team’s big list of things to do

On the contrary, time tracking with screenshots discharges workers from some chores: using their chips to check in when they log in and out of the system, calculating the number of hours spent in an activity and etc. In other words, once installed, this product does a lot by itself and does not bother you with new (and with some old) chores.

  1. It is an illegal way to control people

Like cameras for surveillance – video, audio or both – time tracking with screenshots is software that when being established should be announced to the team. So they actually know they are observed and controlled. In addition to this, such products go through decent check-up by independent agencies for national and worldwide support of human personal data, confidential information, human rights and etc. So, dear remote workers, it is time to stop skipping the after lunch hours, because telling that this time tracking with screenshots system is illegal will not pass the court…At all!

Using time tracking with screenshots will definitely become a tradition for big and well-known companies soon, so it is a matter of time for all the myths it causes and spreads to disappear!

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