Here is Why Monitoring Your Employees With Professional Software Is So Important

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Time tracking with screenshots, bans for Facebook logins, bonus systems for extra hours – these are all options in modern professional software products that should not be underestimated by the employers today. We believe monitoring your employees with such products is essential and we confident that most of you have already appreciated their extras and benefits. For those of you, who haven’t yet, here is some reading to take under consideration, when you start doubting if monitoring your employees should be, indeed, done with professional tools or software, but not with your own eyes and physical control.

  1. There is no time for everything to be done in the office, is there?

And the more you grow, the less time to monitor your employees you will have. Thankfully, it does not matter how big your team is. Time tracking with screenshots does work just great whether for a freelance team of 5 copywriters or for a whole company with 4-5 departments with more than 10 people in each.

  1. No one likes to be watched

It shows disrespect. Besides, if a worker notices you are too close to him often, he or she might feel a little bit pressed, which is not so motivating for any kind of a personality. Instead, in vesting in time tracking with screenshots, you will equally monitor all of your workers and no one will feel less or more like in a jail.

  1. You will save yourself some money

Time tracking with screenshots software is either free of charge, or hundred times cheaper than paying a salary for one, two or even three (if you run a big company) managers to look after your employees. And haven’t you recently been recommended by your financial consultant to try to cut off your expenses a little bit?

  1. Stay away from viruses

Today, internet is full of fishing mails, viruses and malware attack risks 24/7 and everywhere. The more limited your team’s access to internet is (when your business field allow it, of course), the less the risk to get robbed or hacked becomes. And most monitoring software products do provide access deny for pages or platforms you might set as risky or forbidden for your team.

  1. You can finally find out who’s the best

Getting an adequate, fast and what is more important – objective – opinion as to the best employees of your team is essential. It does not only help you to manage the annual bonus system, but will also provide you a quick look at your HR department work and how well everyone in the company actually progresses. No person can be 100% objective in such a criticizing task, though. A monitoring software product, though, seems to be the best solution for the case, don’t you think?

Now you understand that a professional monitoring product is not just a thing to like, but on mandatory to establish in your business organization. So don’t waste even more time, but invest in such right away!

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