4 Self-control tips to make yourself a better remote worker

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Most people believe working from home is all unicorns and rainbows. But apart from the working schedule you make yourself and the possibility to work in your own pyjamas, there are plenty of distractions and obstacles to overcome in your distance work routine. There is nothing harder than finding motivation for work when you are actually not at work. And if you wake up an hour earlier because you’ve a got a new manager, who’s ready to fire after being 10 minutes late 2 days in row, how to wake up in time, when your working place is actually 4 steps away from your bed?

With time, remote workers get used to the idea of organizing their distance work routine. However, it is always a pleasure for us to help you with some more ways to improve your work process. This is why the following list of tricks is a must to be tried. Here are 4 self-control tips to make yourself a better remote worker:

  1. Have two bosses by your side

As a matter of fact, unlike traditional workers, remote workers have two controlling systems in their working process. First of all, it is their own boss, who is 1000 or 10 000 km away and second of all, they are bosses themselves, as well. So take the advantages of having a double-controlling system and follow the rules of both. It is a good idea to ask your boss to apply time tracking with screenshots as a system to control you. Nothing works on the personal motivation than the fear of being caught!

  1. Imagine your home is your real office

Start your day the way you would start it, if you had to travel all the way to the corporative building of your company. Use the free time you are left with for some beneficial activities like hobbies and sports to remind yourself that remote work is actually the better alternative than going to a normal job. It would be kind of motivating.

  1. Have working schedule

Normal office workers will get one long lunch break and two little breaks for a cigarette, for instance. Have two lunch breaks and four breaks for a cigarette, but let them be all. The more you treat yourself with free time, the lazier you become. This is why time and attendance software is such an appreciated idea for remote workers.

  1. Behave yourself and try to be as professional as you can

Ok, if those narrow pants and shirts are too much for you, you can keep the pyjamas remote work dress code. However, try to separate your personal life and your job during the “working time” at home. It’s really awesome to have some cuddle moment with your better half every time you are put in stress during work, but you will need twice more time to recover from the distraction later… Besides, it’s not sexy to remain in pyjamas round the whole day. Think about that next time you wonder why your spouse does not make a single compliment to you anymore.

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