How to motivate your employees to work hard before a holiday

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It’s a stronger than Murphy’s Law to see your employees reduce their  working capacity twice right before a holiday. Things get even worse, when it’ s a holiday season: like those summertime moments you decide to improve your company’s performance, but forget that most of your workers have already booked their flights to Bahamas or December, which is the worst period for you as a boss since you have unmotivated workers and a Christmas bonus to add to the monthly salary…What is the best way to have your workers equally enthusiastic for both: the  upcoming holidays and the working process?

As Easter holidays will soon arrive and most of your employees will spend the days outside the office environment or away of the computer, if they are remote workers, we thought we can help you with some tried-and-tested tricks. Below, you can see some good practices to motivate your employees to work hard before holidays:

  1. Pay them every extra working time

Because 67% of employees admit they leave work earlier the period (mostly a week) before the holiday season. If you promise them to pay for every extra working minute, they will at least try to be remain on their desks till the standard working end of the day. GPS time tracking will save you resources to track them out.

  1. Be in their mood

You don’t have to pretend you are not thrilled, either. You do celebrate Easter, too, right? So make the mood festive around and show them you care. Specialists believe that workers tend to work less when they are not satisfied with their manager’s attitude towards their holidays.

  1. Settle goals or contests for the day after holidays

Like, having a new bonus program that will result after Easter will make employees (or at least the ambitions ones) to remain concentrated. You can also promise a promotion for a person from each department for best results within the week before the holiday. Call this program “Easter promotion” to make it loom as festive as their mood is, but not a way to manipulate them. With timesheets online you can eventually compare the results afterwards.

  1. Be a good example

If you are out of your cabinet or speak about Easter, too, just like them round the whole working day you can’t expect your workers to be focused. Motivate them with a decent role model and behavior of a professional, who knows when time for celebration or for work is. Speak about the holidays only during the breaks. Use the working time for real work.

Try these cool tricks and reduce the down in the working process before the upcoming Easter holidays! Good luck, guys!

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