The Biggest Mistakes People Make When Starting to Use Time Tracking Software

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Everyone knows what the benefits of using time tracking software are so we won’t repeat that information in this article. Here we will focus on another not so discussed aspect of time tracking – what are the primary reasons many people fail the first few months when using this software.

  1. First of all, when you are introducing time tracking software for the first time in your company, you should inform your employees about its advantages. You have to emphasis on the fact that this software will be helpful for both sides – employer and employee. They should understand that the main purpose of time tracking system is not to monitor the employees but to help them in their work. Convince yourself that your team is ready for the new way of work. Make sure each member of the team has understood how to work with the software. It is incredibly significant to prepare the employees for the change in the process of work. They shouldn’t feel under pressure and stressed out because that will influence on the quality of their work.

  1. Also, it is good to teach your employees about the best time tracking practices. You may hire an expert to explain them in detail the most effective time tracking tips. Only if they fully understand how to use the tracking system, you will enjoy the positive results from that software.

  1. It turns out that most employees have many unanswered questions when starting to use time tracking software. For instance, they hesitate whether they should include the time spent for responding to emails or answering the phone in their timesheets. Moreover, they experience difficulties when assigning coffee breaks or other personal time spent.

  1. Make sure everyone understands that installing time tracking software is obligation. Explain them everyone should use this software and this is not an experiment. This would be the way of work from now on. They have to treat this software seriously because it is very important tool for organizing the work and the payment for the projects.

  1. Another issue that arises when employees are using time tracking for the first time is the problem with filling their timesheets manually. If you have decided that your employees will enter their own time, you will notice after several weeks that the written information do not correspond to reality. One of the reasons can be that employees enter the approximate data and write it in. You should better use automated time tracking system, instead of telling your employees to fill in their working hours.

  1. If the employer works on several different projects, he should have installed a tool that tracks the time spent on each project. If the person uses a tool that calculates the time spent on the computer, without dividing the tasks, this tool will be useless.

All in all, the use of time tracking software will optimize your business but you have to prepare your employees for this change. Be ready to answer their questions. Tell them they can trust you and ask you questions about proper use of tracking software.

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