Best Ways to Motivate Your Employees to Track Their Time

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If you are going to use time tracking software for the first time in your company, you should present it to your employees in the most appealing way. Make them want to use time tracking software! When they feel this system will help them in their work, they will listen carefully to your advices. But how to make them believe using time tracking is not their duty, but their wish?

If you force your employees to use time tracking software without explaining them specifically what the benefits are, they will believe you are invading their personal life. No one wants to be monitored, especially when he doesn’t know what the purpose of monitoring is. That is why you should present your employees the advantages of this software and emphasis on those for the employees. Even though time tracking software has various pros about both sides – the employer and the employees, let’s be honest – the employee is interested primary in the advantages that he can take advantage of.

In order to be sure in the right use of time tracking software, you have to make sure you have given clear guidelines to your employees. Be always at your employees’ disposal! If they are interested to know more about time tracking or have many questions about proper use of the system, be ready to answer them. If you have too many tasks, select an employee who is well familiar with time tracking system and can introduce it effectively to the members of your team. It is important this person to be a leader and other employees to respect him. If they don’t respect him, they won’t listen to what he is saying.

In order to make time tracking pleasant for your employees, you or a person who you rely on should help each employee with the basic set-up of the software. Choose easy to use software if you want your employees to use it properly.

If you really want to motivate your staff, it is a good advice to share the reports from time tracking software with them. Of course, pay attention whether the reports should be kept private or you can disclose this information. However, there comes the tricky moment to make the right decision which reports to present. If the reports will embarrass some of your employees, you’d better keep them for yourself. Your basic goal is to motivate your staff, not to humiliate them.

After one month of introducing time tracking software, ask your employees for feedback. It is essential to know what they think about the software. Also, you should be aware if the software is easy for use. Being interested in their feedback will build the trust in your employer-employee relationship. When the employee knows his employer values his opinion, he will feel appreciated and will be more dedicated to his work.

One of the greatest tips for motivating your employees is offering a monthly award for accurate use of time tracking software. According to psychologist rewards are a powerful tool to motivate your staff for following the desired behavior. When a person receives a reward, he will follow the same behavior in future.

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