5 Tips How to be More Productive

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With our busy schedule, it is a real challenge to finish all the work you have planned for the day. For that reason, here we want to propose you several time management tips. Here you will learn how to finish more work in a short period of time.

First of all, the tip that changed my life personally is the following: do not delay tasks. Whenever you have to do something – do it now. Do not leave tasks and projects for later. Remember all the moments when you have said to yourself “I have to call the doctor” or “I have to schedule an appointment”. Forget the expression “I have to”. “I have to” makes you feel you are too busy and under a great stress. At the reality, in stead of saying “I have to call the doctor”, just call him. It will take you maximum 5 minutes and you are ready with this task. You can move on to the next. An interesting fact that has been proved is that if you need a job done you have to assign it to a person who is extremely busy. This person will always find time to help you. On the other hand, if you assign the same task to a person who does not have work, he will always find an excuse he could not handle the task. It is very likely, if you have given a project to such type of person, to receive the project with a huge delay or to not receive it at all.

Second of all, the next tip which is also significant for time management is to make a schedule of your day. The first thing you should do after you wake up in the morning is a “to do list”. Plan all the activities and tasks you need to do during the day. This little time tracking trick is especially useful for those of you who get distracted easily. If you follow your list step by step, in no time you will see you have finished all tasks.

Third of all, besides planning your day activities, you need to plan your free time as well. For instance, if you start working at 8 a.m., you should plan a little break at 10 a.m. and again on 1 p.m. If you work sitting on a desk, make sure your seat is comfortable. Also, make pauses of 10-15 minutes on every 2 hours of work. If you follow that tip you won’t experience back pain problems.

The forth advice we have prepared for you is to organize your desk. It has to be in good order. If you need a pen or a pencil, a mobile phone or a printer, everything has to be on your desk before you have started working on the project. Hence, you will save time from interrupting your work when you need to go to search for a pencil for example.

Our last but not least important tip is to use timers. There is excellent time tracking software which lets you know how much time you have spend on the specific project. As a consequence, you will know next time you are assigned to a project how much of your day you need to devote on it.

If you get used to these 5 tips how to be more productive, you will be able to handle more tasks and projects during the day. Moreover, you will feel confident you are the person who rules your life and your day.

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