How To Improve Productivity Using SCREENish Time Tracking

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SCREENish Time Tracking’s advanced features give you the complete insights you need, in order to improve your productivity and that of your team. The activity tracking of the time management and productivity software will allow you to easily enhance and refine the work process and individual management skills.

Understanding Activity Tracking

The activity tracking feature holds several bonuses, which will help you understand how the work process is going, and therefore allow you to more accurately distribute your budget between deserving employees. The work uploaded in the graph by the time tracking and productivity software shares the following insightful data:

  • When was the employee most active?
  • For how long has the employee high activity?
  • When does the productivity of the employee drop?
  • What is the weekly productivity status of the employee?
  • In which days of the week is employee performance the strongest?

Observing the activity of your employees and their work process using the activity tracking data and screenshots you would be then able to determine:

  • Which of your employees has the highest input in the project?
  • Which employee is slacking?
  • Which employee shows signs of improvement?
  • Which employee has better time management skills?
  • Which employee has the lowest time spent idle or is losing time on distractive activities?

Using the Productivity Tracking Insights

Using these insights to improve the work process is simple. Once you know when your employees are the strongest in their performance and which of them have the highest activity and input, you will be able to adjust and improve the way work is managed and distributed among employees.

It is Time For Making Some Decisions

If you have noticed your team was struggling and falling behind with work, once such data from the time and productivity tracking software will help you with the answer of the hardest question: Who is the weakest link? Of course, how will you manage that situation is up to you.

Often, another hard question that pops up, especially during holidays or other important occasions is: Who deserves The Bonus? Stimulating your employees is important, however, make sure you do so with those who deserve it. The employees with the highest input in the projects and those showing signs of active engagement in the work process are usually those to whom you should bestow the chosen type of company gratitude.

We should also add the way time tracking with screenshots helps you adjust your budgeting. Often what you thought is taking a lot of time may actually be taking a lot less, and the opposite. Which takes us to the next question: How smart are we incorporating time? Observing the project activity data you can then again adjust the workloads and working hours. Optimizing the work process will always be of primary importance in accounting and productivity alike.

With a new year approaching it is about time we ask ourselves, is this how we choose to continue ruling our company and is it for the best? Is there really no room for improvement?

With SCREENish, you can maintain that upward productivity current and focus on what is important. Prioritizing your activities and improving your team’s attitude towards the work process. The continues use of SCREENish time tracking will help you collect all that important data you need in order to make the best decision and organize your projects flawlessly. Are you ready to see how your team is doing? Start your 10 days trial, using all features of SCREENish time tracking for free. No deposit or credit card info required.


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