The 4 Factors Employee Performance Depends On

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The performance of your employees depends on 4 major factors. These factors are what forms your employees’ attitude towards the work process. The performance management is key for every successful business. If your performance management strategy is effective, it will be profitable for both your company and employees. The benefits of having an efficient performance management formula are numerous. Which are these 4 major factors determining employees’ performance?

The base of the performance system depends on 4 important factors.

First is the company’s culture, aka its policies and values. They are the spine of your company. It is not only how you present your company to the outside world, but how you lead it. What are the true values and goals.

This leads us to the second most important factor the employee engagement. We have before discussed the importance of employee engagement and its role in your company’s culture and development. The engaged employee understands the company’s culture. The engaged employees are work-driven, enthusiastic, value and understand their role in the company’s success and development.

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The third important factor as expected is the performance management itself. All the practices and measurements to improve and adjust the levels of performance. However, without the previous two factors, performance management is next to useless. To ensure consistent results and valuable insight on the performance, all managers need to realize these 3 factors are dependent on each other.

To be effective, all management, however, needs a well organized, efficient and coordinated processing system. This is the hidden factor in your pyramid. Without perfect organization, the performance is never going to be perfect.

The improvement of the work process and its organization depend on the management technique that is used to control and organize. Improving the way you organize the work affects anything. Hence, using all necessary tools and techniques to do so is of anyone’s best interest. The time tracking software is an ideal tool that will help you improve that performance and organize the work process. Using time tracking software you could easily improve the management and productivity of your employees.

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This is where the performance  pyramid  is actually turned into a circle, simply because none of the factors can exist effectively without the others. You should not seek improvement on only one level, it goes far beyond that. Culture, engagement, performance and organization management are all connected.


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1 thought on “The 4 Factors Employee Performance Depends On”

  1. Dear Manager,
    For more than three decades psychologiest have studied
    intrinsic motivation as a driver of creativity, (Amabile 1996).
    There is a relationship between creativity and performance.
    Inspiration was found to correlate positively with intrinsic
    motivation, but negatively extrinsic motivation,
    (Prof.Dr.Andrew Elliot, 2010).
    There is a relationship between inspiration and performance.

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