How Can You Tell If A Project Is On Track

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Your primary attention when managing or working on a project is to constantly seek an update on its current condition and how long until it is completed. Tracking the progress of a project is mandatory for its stability, on-time and  on budget execution. And there comes the question, how do you do that?

How And Why We Track Our Projects Using Time Tracking?

Aside from the managerial benefits that come with time tracking your projects, there are some valuable financial additions, which can help you for the future and ongoing projects. With the usage of a time tracking software you can effortlessly control just about everything.

You can… Save Data for future projects and hence develop an accurate estimation of cost and time and use the insight to lower those values. Also to evaluate the work still in process, effectively calculate payrolls and cover all billing/invoicing needs. However, these precious bonuses are only available for those, who want to and do keep track on their projects and use the information they can gather from this action.

So, How Can You Tell If A Project Is On Track?

Simply said, by using time tracking to monitor the advancement of your projects. There are few steps you need to follow, in order to keep track of your entire project.

Note if the progress of the project is according to your original plan, and if not how close is it? Knowing where your project is down the line, how far is it from completion and does it move according to plans and estimations, is not so hard. You just need to keep track of the time tasks take to complete successfully, and if everything is produced on time.

If you record time using time tracking software, these are not difficult to answer questions, since you can create projects schedules and tasks, distribute and assign them to your employees and all you have to do is just check their progress.

Another thing you should point your attention to when managing a project is the major milestones. Creating major milestones for your schedule will help you more easily check off assignments and see if you are all moving according to plan. If for instance you divide the work into portions and groups, the time tracking of tasks will be even less troublesome and as simple.

Cross-functional reviews of the tasks is a determiner not only if they are completed on time but according to the expectation of quality. If you do not review the work completed regularly and while it is being done, the solidity of your project is still uncertain. Therefore, when you use time tracking with screenshots, you can check both time and quality, and react to any complications.

Last but not least is check if the means meet the expectations and the goals. Being on track is not only an issue of timing and standards, it is connected with budget specifics and estimations. If you make a sanity check for the ongoing project and adjust it in the process, you would not go over-budget.

And since everything from time to quality and budget is connected, one cannot go without the other. The only way to know if a project is on track is to monitor all those, from the smallest task to the milestone. If you use time and attendance tracking with screenshots and activity levels, you can keep an eye on the project and adjust the work process to meet your expectations.

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