Type Of Managers That Will Ruin Your Business

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We have previously reviewed what a good and respectful manager should be. We all know the talents, skills and abilities of a true leader who is able to lead and manage the team and achieve their goals without a struggle. However, there are those types of managers, which are extremely annoying or simply evil and abusive, and if you ignore their behavior they can ruin your business.

Managers who use their position for personal benefit and abuse their powers

The Manager is a figure of power, the one with a direct contact with the employee. Often enough there are employees who prefer to win the managerial staff’s trust through incorrect methods like fawning. These managers, on the other hand, turn these employees into their lackeys.

Of course, there are even employees who are threatened by the managerial figures and do everything they can, since if they displease them it may mean losing their job or suffer other penalties.

There are managers who use micromanagement and thus damage everything you are trying to accomplish

The bad name of managers almost in all cases come from managers and supervisors who think they do their job effectively only when they spy and monitor their employees in a highly disturbing manner.

Letting this type of management be used in your company not only lowers the productivity of your employees but is the cause for bad performance, quarrels, quits, low-quality work and other such issues. Meaning micromanagement does the exact opposite of what you need.

Instead of letting your managers use micromanagement  tactics, use other means to monitor the work, which will not result in bad performance and internal problems. You need work and hours tracked? Use a time tracking software instead.

Not only the time tracking software will obviously track time, but it records screenshots of the process and the activity. With micromanagement, you lower the productivity and motivation of your employees, with time tracking you let your employees work calmly in a professional environment and increase their productivity.

Managers who make their own circle of favorites and ignore the rest of the team in favor of their friends

There are also those managers who choose some of the employees and let their friendship with them interfere in their managerial responsibilities. It is not wrong to make friends in the workplace, however, there are managers who are playing favorites and using their power for the interests of their besties, instead of uniting the team.

Yes, there are people with charisma, easy to work with and talk to, and there are those with lesser interpersonal skills. Nevertheless, this does not mean you should let your managers ignore one worker for the sake of another. When it comes to work, talent is all that matters, and if your managers unfairly discriminate your workers, you will lose the respect of all and your company will experience nothing good.

This is one of the reasons not all should be in the hands of the manager and your company must develop an employee engagement strategy. Instead of letting friendship cloud the judgment of those with power, build a strategy to actually upgrade the skills of all your employees.

Managers who mix emotions with work and let their feelings get the better of them and/or let their personal life interfere with their work and responsibilities

The worst type of managers that always work in a chaotic manner and let their personal life interfere with their duties. Managers with such unstable personalities are inadequate and disorganized. They literally cry for everything, yell, spy on people and compare the employees with their friends and enemies.

Thus, instead of helping you manage the work process, they make it a war zone. This type of managers can never achieve something without few boxes of tissues, excuses and lots of screaming, hence, they literally kill all the motivation and effort of those who they manage.

Managers who avoid taking responsibility / resolve conflicts, or are unable to question themselves and think they are never wrong.

A large amount of the management is about resolving issues, from problems between the people who work there, to problems with the work itself. The workplace is a dynamic environment where time is literally of the essence, if your manager is unable to face a problem and think about its solution, or is afraid to admit the mistakes and all that went wrong, then they are absolutely unsuitable for their job.

No one respects managers, who are incapable of using their voice and mind, or blame others for their mistakes, just because they cannot bear to admit their own fault and fix the problem. Those who think they are never wrong and do not question their abilities are unable to see any further than their nose and because of pride, could ruin your plans and projects.

Managers who do not give a chance for employees to show their potential and feel threatened by those with better abilities or are egoistic and intoxicated with pride thus thinking of themselves as of superior beings.

The good manager is in a complete contrast with that behavior. They will not try to outshine their employees, but will try and build a team of talented people. After all, if you are to accomplish anything, then you must realize that the more talented people you work with, the more you achieve. Moreover, the best managers always try and help their employees improve and develop their skills. If your managers are not striving to do that, you are sitting in one place and your company is not evolving and profiting from its main resource – the talented employees.


Since there are various personalities out there, and control over the work process is not an easy task, it is mandatory to carefully choose your managers. Also, after you hire them never simply give them an office and leave them to do whatever, and not pay attention to what is happening with your employees. The managerial functions are numerous, and in modern times, it is just as important to invest in everything that can improve the work of the managers and your employees.

There is even tools and software that can spare you the losses you may experience from the bad management techniques and skills. Written communication through the internet, with messengers and other similar software, can always reduce the excuses and disputes over who said what.

The time and attendance tracking software can organize and track the entire work process, and has numerous advantages for the monitoring of projects.

Making polls, surveys and quizzes for the employees to check on their opinion of the work in the office is also important and can help you build a better work environment.

Bad management is not helpful, it is an obstacle, a stumbling rock, which comes with lots of problems. Such actions not only damage the reputation of your company, they inspire hate in the workplace, kill the team effort, and make the work process highly unproductive.

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