3 Anti -Procrastination Tips You Should Try Out

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Apparently a large portion of us mortals has this problem called procrastinating and we are postponing stuff we should not. However, there are ways we can actually stop procrastinating our lives because of trivial things like laziness and demotivation.


First, we need to find the motivation to proceed with what we should. Motivation can be achieved in two ways actually depending on your personality, but mainly the questions are “Do you really wanna leave that for later and ruin all your plans, so you will have to search for excuses and push like crazy to finish something you could finish now without all that headache?”.  Try it out once. Complete your schedule and make it a routine. Routine calls for discipline.

For less than a few weeks, you will have to simply keep asking yourself the “What if?”, questioning every action you refuse to take and you will see that thinking about the consequences instead of avoiding them will either scare you enough to take action or motivate you enough to do it. Then you will see it is not so scary to work on a schedule and far more easy than fighting it. Acceptance is motivation and grows into discipline.

Baby steps

Now, how you will handle your tasks is entirely your doing, but making it rationally and calmly is usually the best approach. Do not overdo it, spending too much energy and over-complicating your tasks when you try to tackle them will only disturb your motivation.

Making a to-do list to follow, will greatly influence your current state of a rock star procrastinator. It will not only serve you as a reminder but as you check off the tasks one after another you will begin to feel collected and calm. Feeling stressed and under-prepared is in the general causes to start procrastinating.

Fear of the tasks and the time you think you will lose for them, the uncertain or not outcome of these tasks are among those general causes. Hence, making your plan work with one task at a time will help you gain your momentum.

Time manage

Surely racing with time is terrifying and not fun at all, but you know that because you need to do it eventually for every procrastinated thing. That is why you do not need to race time. Make time your ally and make it work for you. A small plan and a time tracking software are practically all you need to learn and control your time instead of the other way around.

That thing we said about baby steps will be even more easy to achieve once you tame time. If you track your time for every task you work on, you will begin to see that first it does not take that much time and secondly it could take less. You will learn to estimate your times and that will be hugely appreciated by the people you work with and for. Which can only develop in a positive manner.

 Time tracking software is something incredibly helpful you can use to maintain the balance between personal time and career time, without struggling to do it and losing your motivation along the way.

Anti-procrastination calls for confidence in oneself, discipline and finding your personal mojo. It takes just the simple and not that hard “get out of bed and prove to  yourself you can be productive on your own terms”.

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