Be The Leader Your Team Deserves

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What must you give your team if you want it to develop a perfectly functioning working process, keep them engaged and happy? You look for skills, qualities, and personalities that can and want to work together and reach new heights. Together with you. What does your team look for?

Your leadership. We all know what a leader is and what a leader does, yet are you sure you are all there for your team? Because the ideal leader does not  look for people who obey to commands, a true leader creates leaders. In a team, everyone has a voice, opinion, idea, but most importantly, in a team everyone is equal. Everyone is a leader. Yes, you may be appointed due to employment or mutual desire to be the leader of your team, but a true leader knows, he/she is not better than everyone else. He/she is there to inspire, resolve, lead, mentor, coach and stand shoulder to shoulder with the rest. A leader does not just care for the work process, the leader cares for the people and does everything necessary to keep the team united, happy, energized, balanced.

A true leader will give the team a never ending opportunity to grow, improve and be their best selves. The leader appreciates everyone’s efforts. Leadership is questionable only then when you put yourself above the rest and forget you are there because you were given the chance to help the team. And that takes us back right to the first question – What can you do for your team?

You can defend their rights. Their right to work in a place where their word matters, in a place where they can calmly and willingly express their unique abilities and refine their skills. A place, which they leave at the end of the shift energized and content. A place that does not rob them of their personal life.

Have you created such place, or do you leave your team to struggle with their work and go home exhausted and stressed? Does your team return to work every morning in a good mood and eager to start working? Because there is a difference. You are either eager to work out of happiness and positivism of how awesome that day will be, or you are eager to start working so the day could end faster and you can go crawl in a hole after it questioning your choices. Because no one listens. No one cares. Except you – the leader.

Make the workday of your team a dream come true. Organize it to perfection, make it clear, easy to comprehend. Each task to follow the rest in logical order, all information to be visible and accessible for those who need it. Do not over complicate the tasks of your team. Help them manage their time and finish their work effortlessly by the end of their shift. No one likes to burn the midnight oil, because there were organizational issues, communication clarity  and all sorts of complications. No one likes to be constantly in fear of deadlines and penalties.

Create a consistent workflow with perfect time management. You will not believe the magic time tracking can do for you and your team, but you will begin to understand. With the usage of a time tracking software you can organize the entire schedule for you project strategy without the risk overworking anyone. The time tracking software will help you build a clear concept, a perfect order, a plan that will increase the productivity, reduce the time loss and repel the stress over deadlines. What does time tracking do for you and your team? It helps you manage your time to the minute, simplifies the project and task management, increases the productivity and performance, most importantly – helps you maintain the balance between life, health, and career.

A communicative and time managed work process is and always will be the most beneficial thing you can do for your team and your business. Keeping your team engaged, giving them all the means to a successful end is what a leader will do. Profit is not only money, profit is having the time, the energy, the desire, to be better, to do better, to grow stronger.

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