What Are The Alternatives Now That UpWork Are Raising Their Fees?

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Recently it was announced that Upwork are going to raise the fees up to 20% and, with all the other taxes you go above 25%. Freelancer will practically work for almost nothing. It is rather easy to ask yourself, you being a client or a freelancer, are you willing to throw away that amount of money? However, there are ways you can continue working with your regular clients to whom you trust or favorite freelancer and forget about the fees.

Where is your profit?

As every freelancer and client knows UpWork have a time tracking software which tracks your working hours, takes screenshots and records your activity and your payment is based on that. Therefore, all you need is to get that information and deliver it to your clients, so they know you have done what you were supposed and they can just send you the money, with PayPal for instance. Then why pay 12% to 25% for this? Sites say it will promote the long-term commitments and contracts. However, this will mean many freelancers will look only for clients who agree to pay the fees, or clients who only offer big projects. In the end, the bigger are the fees the lower is your time value.

Nevertheless, there are clients who just want one thing done quickly and get it over with and for that the freelancers have to pay up to 25%? Unless it is a task that is worth more than the certain amount of 500$ designated by UpWork. Or you being a freelancer have this awesome client, with whom you haven’t reached those $ stone just yet, and you two are sure you want to work together. Instead of paying taxes that will eat out your earnings it is kind of normal to look for an alternative, that will let you keep your earnings and clients.

What is the alternative?

In conclusion, you just need a time tracking software that can do the same and give your clients the information they need to release your payment. Now, this is where a time tracking software with screenshots and activity levels like SCREENish will come in handy. Clients can set hourly rates, weekly limits, projects, get the collective accounting data and pay their freelancer. You can easily explore our features by reading the FAQ , watching the video or simply registering for the 10 free trial, with no credit card info required and see if it works out for you. And the more freelancers a client has, the lower is the monthly charge.

Why the time tracking software is the way of the future?

The time and attendance tracking software is the convenient way to monitor all projects you have assigned to an outsourced service provider, like a freelancer. You receive all the data you need, have all the information you require, have the payments calculated and see the work getting done wherever you are. It is better than micromanaging or disputing about working hours with your freelancers. It is just about the same as UpWork’s time tracking tool but minus the fees. Freelancers pay nothing for using the website, the monthly charge for clients is much cheaper and there are promotional offers.

Freelancers are hired for all sorts of jobs, from all over the world, and the only thing besides trust that is needed to regulate and manage your work relationship is a simple time tracking software and regular communication.

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