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Outsourcing and in-house are two absolutely  different methods used, but over time, one has proven to be a cost-friendly solution for numerous projects.How come? Outsourcing is often applied in order to reduce the work done by the regular employees, by assigning it to an external/remote employee or agency that is offering the same type of services but for lower cost. Therefore, outsourcing can be supportive for both production and budget.

For the region of the US alone the outsourced jobs for the year 2015 were over 2,380,000 and over 44 % of the companies worldwide do it to reduce and control the cost. Project acceleration and reducing time to produce are also common reasons for businesses to outsource. Others are: business focus improvement, internal sources task relief, gain access to expertise unavailable internally and improve the organization of the workflow.

This contributing strategy is entirely dependent on the management of the company itself and the self-management abilities  of the outsourced employee/agency. Due to this when outsourcing it is imperative to choose the right fit for the task that has to be completed. Nevertheless, some companies find it hard to deal with remote employees, most will agree that when the find the ideal candidate for the job, their projects are always successful.

What qualities are vital for an outsourced employee? Time management is the first and foremost essential quality that a perfect candidate has to possess, along with responsiveness and the skills needed for the job. If the project is to go smoothly the outsourcing company needs to regularly look for updates and communicate with that employee. Business productivity tracking is surely critical for the growth and the quality service and produce of the company/organization. Hence, when outsourcing an individual strategy is to be created for that outsourced employee.

Outsourcing is a solution that may bring perfect results if done right. As everything else it has two sides, yet to experience only the positive effect, the outsourcing company has to carefully examine and use the outsourcing option.

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