Choose the right employee when outsourcing. Part 2.

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Human resource managers all over the world can agree that when hiring a remote employee the interview process can be difficult. Although it is not a simple task to find the right fit for the job opening, following few cardinal rules can ease this operation.

After the right job posting is created and the business manager has received tons of valuable CVs from hopeful outsourcing workers the following is to review them. What should one be looking for in the received CVs and cover letters? Did the remote employee answer all the questions? Is the future outsourced employee positive towards the job proposal? Has this remote worker any other valuable skills/certificates that will come in handy for that job?

When the business manager has reviewed the CVs and decided on few candidates the next step is the interview.  Set a meeting with the outsourced candidate for a date and time that will be convenient for both.

Create a list of questions that cover the most critical parts of the project for which the future outsourced worker will be hired and carefully write down the answers for a later review. Why for a later inspection? Unless the HR manager has the ability to recognize the ideal fit from first glance, it is best to leave that decision for afterwards. Analyzing the notes will grant the hiring manager an opportunity to compare the outsourced candidates and continue with the best fits only.

What are the primal questions that one must ask along with all the others connected to the job:

*What is the average daily/weekly time that the outsourcing candidate can work on the project?
*Do they possess time management skills?
*Can they if needed work more than these set hours?
*How long will it take them to complete the project, hence can they meet the deadline set for the project.
* What is the desired pay rate, therefore, is it covered by the estimated budget?
*Do they have ideas/skills that will somehow improve the outcome of the project, in other words, how can they be helpful?

Occasionally it’s even preferred to assign a short task that covers the needed basic knowledge for the job to the chosen candidates before finalizing the hiring process. Such assignment will show if the candidate has what it takes to complete the actual project and also how refined are his/hers abilities.

Consequently after hiring  an excellent outsourcing worker the quality of output and the productivity during the work process will increase. Outsourcing is a key to early success for small businesses and continuous profit for bigger ones.

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