Time tracking in operations management

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The definition of Operations management is Management that is concerned with the designing, and controlling the process of production and is also responsible for redesigning business operations in the production of goods or services.

What is operation managers responsibilities? The operations manager ensures that the business operations are optimal:

  • Efficient – use as few resources as possible
  • Effective – meet the requirements of the customer
  • Productive – labor and output are equal

These three requirements on the other side are connected with productivity and time management, quality management and employees monitoring and control.

The optimal level of Effectiveness, Efficiency and Productivity of an office businesses is more easily achievable if a time tracking software is available for usage. Why?

Time is the main resource that is used in any business planning and is tied to the cost of the business plan/project. Effectiveness is the quality distributed and it is equal to time x(resource+productivity). Therefore, time tracking is vital for the resources and productivity to be cost-effective.

Productivity management, as an essential part of operations management, is to secure all the labor and time that are put are not exceeding the output value. Simply said, you will not gain anything if you pay more for production than you get from the end product/service.

Again that is connected to employees, the management needs to be sure their employees are working on the company’s standards. Thus, employee monitoring is needed for productivity to has actual value and bring profit.

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