Build a feedback appreciated by your employees

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The lack of constructive feedback is fairly common. Almost every manager has no idea how he should give his feedback to the employee and why. There are certain ways one should give actionable feedback that is specific, clear and constructive.

Feedback given to the employees is what can improve the quality of work they are doing and the level of productiveness.  That is why in order to do that, one must know how to put his words into a constructive and acceptable criticism or a pleasant cheer.

Yet, for this feedback to have any effect, there has to be trust. If trust is missing in that relationship the employee would not accept the feedback as helpful for his success in the company. Once trust is established the feedback will be considered and paid attention to.

Another crucial thing for the feedback is the environment. Make feedback private, not in front of the whole office. Do not play with the employees reputation, ego and feelings belying them before their colleagues if your feedback is not positive.

If there is a problem with the quality of work they are doing or with their time management skills and such, do not just tell them they are incapable of doing their work right. First off explain how they should improve their time management and task management skills, where is the problem and how can they fix it.  In addition, it will be better if the peak in their performance is also mentioned, how they did right and that their work is appreciated. Fill them in on how can they achieve better outcomes, what is the value of their work, and how can it be beneficial for them if they are at their best.

Time tracking will prove to be extremely valuable for employees and their task management. This gives them the chance to work on a schedule that is clear and managers that are responsive. How come? Managers can create actionable feedback based on the performance and regulate the tasks when needed, employees can monitor their own work and, therefore, improve their productivity level.

Deadlines are not a problem when tasks are delegated right and feedback is always present and appreciated. Give your feedback in a way it will be constructive and considered valuable. Avoid blaming and personal attacks, keep a  positive tone and focus on clear, achievable objectives. Give specific examples of what should be changed and suggest a solution that will aid employee.

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