Why You Should Start Using GPS Time Tracking?

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If you are looking for effective productivity software for your employees that will help you monitor their activities, certainly you need to test gps time tracking. The main advantage of using gps time tracking is the better performance of the employees who are informed they are monitored. It seems understandable – every person who knows he is been watched tries to perform the best possible way. This person thinks carefully what the consequences of his actions would be and he is less likely to do something off the rules.

Basically, gps time tracking is specialized productivity software that tracks the exact location of the employees. It may be used by employers to check two major types of employees – office and mobile employees. Employers who use the software to monitor the office employees need the information whether the person is clocking from the authorized IP address. However, this type of productivity software is more beneficial for employees who don’t work in an office. For instance, it can be used for in-home nurses or baby sitters who need to clock in when they enter the client’s home and clock out when they leave their work place. Moreover, it is applicable for construction workers. They have to clock in and out from the construction side.

1. Keep on track your company vehicles

If you are still wondering why you should use gps time tracking, here you will find out why. Imagine that you have a big delivery company that undertakes thousands deliveries every day. If you install gps time tracking software on each vehicle that your employees use, you will be aware of their activities. Probably most of them are sticking strictly to their working schedule. Unfortunately, you will learn that there are some of them who use the vehicles for their personal duties. This means they are using the company car without your permission. In addition to that you are paying them a salary for the wasted time. Let’s not forget about the fuel wastage as well.

2. Improve clients’ services. Enjoy more satisfied customers!

With gps time tracking you may follow the speed your employees are driving and check how close they are to the final location. That way you will be aware whether they will arrive at the final location when they should be. If they are late, you may make a phone call and inform the client that the delivery will be late and when should he expect it.

3. Minimize the loses

A great advantage of using gps time tracking is in case of a theft, you will inform the police when exactly your vehicle has been stolen. As soon as the car is moved away from the parking place, you may tell the police. The quick reaction is the key to successful recovery of your possession.

Besides these advantages, there are many more but you have to discover them by yourself. Test your creativity with the most innovative productivity software.

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