How to avoid the dangers of outsourcing

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Outsourcing has “achieved” awful reputation values. Primary complaints are the poor communication, lack of comprehension and quality, which have put an enormous black mark on the outsourcing. However if you want outsourcing to work for you, it’s decisive to understand how it can fail, and acknowledge how  successful it can be under the right management.

Lesser payment requirements – a plus for you in hiring freelance professionals. They are usually cheaper than official local employees and companies that deal with such products and services. This doesn’t mean you need to unappreciated your freelancer by giving him less money than he deserves, just adjust your budget to the freelancer requirements and all will be just right.

Lack of Focus – This could easily be one of the biggest problems with outsourcing. Freelancers tend to have more than one client. Often, it proves to be rather difficult for a freelancer to have only one single full-time job, hence they take on several part-time projects instead. Therefore, if you need a full-time freelancer you need to ensure and find out whether your potential candidate has the time and attention needed to work for you efficiently. Using effective time management can reduce the risk of missing deadlines and will ultimately benefit both you and the freelancer to properly manage the tasks you are juggling.

Communication issues – As we said above, this is oftentimes a problem in offshore outsourcing. First you must acknowledge you are dealing with people with possibly another cultural view and from another time zone. Therefore, all instruction you provide must be written in a plain and simple style, simple to understand and in universal language with little room for misinterpretation. For the sake of clarity and organization using project time management software can assist you in the assigning and explaining tasks to your freelancer.

Quality produce – if you have any reserves, whether your freelancer will be able to produce the quality you require, tracking employee productivity is of high importance. Also, if you want to see the ongoing condition of what you are paying for project and time management software is an ideal way to check on the current status.

Secret information – Whenever the outsource employee has access to private data or information for business, monitoring can be your best friend. Employee monitoring software gives out all employee activity, which can aid you in preventing any confidentiality breaches and track the work process of the freelancer.

We gather daily and hourly status reports with employee productivity tracking with vital analysis and time sheets. Thus using the time management software you will have complete transparency on your freelancer’s work process. Proper outsourcing will end in reduce of costs, improve quality, conserve capital and foster innovation.

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