Make the most of your day off

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The smell of a day off is in the air. All that desires and plans for an awesome Sunday are buzzing around. But there is so much to do! Clean what was impossible during the work week, go out for groceries,  do the laundry, cook the daily meal/s are just some of the many things which have to be done. What happened with time for rest and family? Where is the “me” time?  I will say that again… time management and productivity! They are essential even when you are not at work!

Rule number one of the time management -Plan your day efficiently.

Wake up early so you have the time to finish all your “day off- projects”, and create a step by step plan for the household maintenance. Check the clock regularly for successful time tracking, so you can be sure you will finish these tasks in time. A quick review on how a Sunday to do list may look like:

8:00 – wake up
8:15 – quick workout
8:30 – shower
9:00- breakfast9:30-11:30 – Maintenance and cooking

Yeah, two hours. More than enough. You can easily clean a 3 bedroom apartment and do all the chores for that time, if you plan it  carefully. Rest of the day is entirely free.

Rule number two of the time management-Combine the tasks that can be done in the same time. Here are some examples:

For instance while the washing machine is stealing your socks,you can fold the dry cloths, so you have where to put the newly washed ones.

Or prepare a quick light lunch meal to energize you for the day. While it cooks you can do the dishes.

And if you wanna clean and put the house in order there is one more thing for better time management. Do it room by room. First put the rooms in order, after just quickly swipe all the surfaces.

There you go, no more two hours and the house is all tidy and shiny. Now enjoy the day off and time manage your activities so you can get the most out of the day!

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