10 most common office distractions

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What are the most common actions that affect your productivity rate? What must you try to avoid when at work? How to optimize the work time of your employees and repel the distractions?

You’ve probably heard that numerous offices go to unimaginable struggles and productivity issues. This struggles are usually the result from lack of employee monitoring. However, this doesn’t mean you must be like a tyrant with your employees  and go into dictatorship mode. These ten actions are what causes substantial time management issues and reflect on your employees productivity.

  1.  Social medias. This is the ultimate devil there is when it comes to control. It’s just that people are so eager to check their social media accounts that they forget about time and space, and are suddenly uncomfortably close to deadlines. This is a huge issue on their task handling, since even after they log out, they are still thinking about what they saw or read.
  2. Video share pages. Once I’ve read that people on the i-net are like  Egyptians. Do you know why? Cat videos. No, I’m serious. Recent data science analysts said that the average employee spends at least twelve minutes a day watching cat or other animal videos.
  3. E-mail checking. Most people spend at least five minutes every few hours to check on their latest messages and if they have new ones – answer them. However as you may guessed almost one third of those messages are not work related.
  4. Advertises. If you haven’t protected your browsers from advertises, you must probably think about that. Absolutely everyone will click on at least one flashing banner to check the page and spend time not working on what they are supposed to.
  5. No internal link. If you do not have Project tracking software that connects your employees and helps them easily communicate, your employees will be compelled to every day lose time to search for other participants in their project to exchange valuable information, thus lowering the daily productivity levels of your company.
  6. Lack of optimized delegation. The missing link between employees and the frontline managers is often the lack of simplified schedule and project devising. When you look for better time management, you must write down the project strategy and send it out to your participating employees.
  7. Internal disorder. A good looking and organized office documentation can save all your employees and subordinates the irritation while looking for stuff.
  8.  Quick snack. If the closest restaurant or shop is not so close, a modest office kitchen or vending machine for your employees to use will always save them and you that so much needed time. After all time management is not an effortless job, when you are hungry and are obligated to search for place to grab a snack from.
  9. Games. Unless you have that policy to let your workers play during working hours, or you are game developers, that can be a humongous pain for you. Employee monitoring is certainly necessary to prevent your personnel from slacking off with games.
  10. The hypnotizing ceiling. This is hard now… Not only you have to monitor your employees and their productivity, but you have to guide them on how to concentrate for their tasks. If you notice your employee is having a hard time working on anything and tries to find the answer by staring at any object, instead of looking go to him and try to provide an advice.Therefore is why a company’s best friend is the time tracking software. Distractions cost money, and money is what you are trying to generate, not to lose.

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