How To Create A Productive Office Environment In Few Easy Steps

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There are few office environment and organization issues that always apply for any business. Creating an office nirvana is a must if you desire a working and progressive company. Researches have shown that there are few mistakes that every office makes at the beginning. We will look at the few of them and provide you with exemplary solution.

  • Boring office area. Researches point that boring office area is always affecting the attitude and productivity of the workers. With boring office area comes escaping minutes and unimaginative produce. Simple white walls and cabinets with bad office lights can result in negative time management and lowered profit, since employees will waste time to somehow entertain themselves with other sources. If your office leaves comfortable notes and experience employees will more efficiently produce and will not waste time trying to unknowingly escape from work. Few bright wallpapers, motivational posters and soft lighting which doesn’t affect the eyesight can help your workers concentrate on their tasks. Improving the office environment will help you in the long run.
  • No documentation order. Using colored folders and document cases  with labels can save time if every color is for different subject. Employees will no longer wonder where to put which document and loose precious time. It can help better organize your storage and book cases and create a easy to access and use information.
  • Poor employee control. Employee control has many aspects but the one thing that can send your profit to the bottom is bad employee monitoring. Having the necessary tools to monitor your team is crucial for your business. You must be able to control their behavior at work and their computer usage. Using a Time and billing software is an easy way to control any team with no matter if its remote or not. SCREENish comes with easy to use screen capture tool, mouseclick/keystroke activity log, timesheet, accounting option and work graph.
  • Bad understanding of employees abilities. Every successful company owner out there will tell you that a main priority is to know your team’s strengths and weaknesses. It is important to use the right person for every task you want completed at time. With every project you do you must collect data on your employees and use it the best way in creating your next project management strategy. To understand the employees is to know how fast they can work, when they are productive and can they properly use the time they are given.
  • No employee organization. Organizing your team daily is as important as everything else. Using our timesheet software for employees and assigning projects virtually at any given time will result in better time management system. If an employee knows he has an exact let’s say 2 hours to finish a particular task, and if the software reminds him every 15(for instance) minutes to update his status, then he will finish his work at the proper time and not lose any productivity.

    Now that we covered some important parts, why don’t you go redecorate / reorganize and install our helpful time management software? First 10 days are free of charge and no payment info is required.

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