Homework – the view of a freelancer

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Freelancing is one of the most popular professions nowadays. Freelance working is gaining large audience and more and more people are now turning to freelancers with their job proposals. Now there are sites on the internet that offer freelancers work opportunities, and employer – freelance workers who do their job at an acceptable price and conditions.  Now if you are a gifted individual with skills in various professions you can sell your abilities and find clients on the web. Even in this case though one must be prepared and sure his work will be paid/received.
Many beginner freelancers make the mistake to trust their clients with their work before the payment, and in the opposite many pay before they see what their money went for. It is important at that point to establish a stable connection and simple rules and contract with your client. Whether you will work for hourly wage or for job done and delivered, you will have to make some contract of a kind and exchange payment details.
You must take in account the time you will need to finish the job and discuss that with the client, so both of you will be sure when will you receive what you wanted. It is important to show professionalism in your work and regularly give information to the client about the ongoing work, milestones, any problems that might’ve unfortunately appeared or other things that require a discussion. This is something that eats your time, all that reports, ongoing issues and communicative needs just to prove you are doing your job.  None said it is easy to be a freelancer, nor to hire one. In order to successfully complete your collaboration with both sides happy with the outcome, you need to do your best. To be successful and with perfect reputation you must follow some simple rules, or might even call it etiquette.
Step one- decide among yourself what the assigned projects will require and what time they will take. Accept which ever project you both feel like you should do. Plan what you are supposed to do and for how long, or create a schedule to help with your time management.
Step two is as we said –report. Now as a freelancer myself I am eager to share how useful I find the employee management software. It gives you the opportunity to quickly report the current status of your job and continue working. This is essential if you want not to lose the time you have for your task, and properly manage it, leaving the client happy with your communication and timely reports.
Step three- provide proof you are really doing your job. Another thing that momentarily comes into my mind is again the pc screen capture tool. You don’t have to send any work before hand, but the tool takes and sends screenshot of your work to your client, and so you do not loose time in explanations and your client does not wonder if for that hour he is paying you’ve worked only for 15 minutes or so. It is a win-win situation.
Now what the client sees? He sees ongoing reports and is satisfied that things are happening. He sees you have actually worked for the amount of time he is to pay, proven with screenshots and mouse/keyboard activity. He sees the summarized hours and the total he is supposed to pay for each working hour or finished task, or he can look at each of those individually. No need to bother with accounting, everything he might want as information is there.
Consider those options if you are a freelancer and one to make a good name for yourself, or if you want to hire a freelancer. In that case secured work and payments is what you are looking for. Good luck and happy hunting 😉 !

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