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In our modern society, running a successful business is closely related to using the right tools for employee time tracking. The greatest advantage of employee time tracking app is having full control over your employees and all the projects your employees are working on. You will have a clear view which of your employees are the most productive and most dedicated to their work, and specifically – to you. If you wish your business to grow, you need to have full control over your money. That’s what SCREENish is designed for.

Easy Installation and Free Trial Period

SCREENish gives you the amazing opportunity to try employee time tracking for free! The whole process of installing the employee time tracking app takes not more than 5 minutes. SCREENish is especially helpful for time management and project organization. This employee time tracking app helps you build a mutual trust between the employer and employees. With SCREENish the manager has the right information for being fully informed about every specific project – the employee who is working on the project, when he has logged for the last time, how much he had spend working, and screenshots showing what precisely the employee has been doing while recording his time.

Enjoy the Benefits of the Random Screenshots Option

If you need project time tracking software, SCREENish can be helpful, no matter whether you are working with new or old employees. Screenshots are taken randomly, so the employee won’t know when the next screenshot will be taken. The screenshots option can be turned on and off, depending on the level of trust you have with your subordinate. Besides taking screenshots, SCREENish lightweight desktop timers measure activity levels and record used programs so you can monitor your remote employees. The employer can adjust additional settings for the specific employee, like prohibition for visiting some websites, browsers or programs.

Learn How Active Your Employees Are While Tracking Their Time – Keyboard and Mouse Activity

SCREENish can be used as GPS time tracker or as a desktop app. If you use this project time tracking software as desktop app, it will track number of mouse movements and keyboard strokes. That information is given above every screenshot that has been recorded for the specific employee.

Full List of Visited Websites and Used Programs While Using Employee Time Tracking App

SCREENish employee time tracking app presents you a list of visited websites while recording time. You will know how much time your employee has spent on each website or program while recording his time. This option can be turned on and off, depending on the level of trust you have with your employee.

Be Aware Who Is Currently Working on the Projects

With SCREENish employee time tracking app contractors and managers have the opportunity to track time to individual projects. You can track unlimited amount of projects. At any moment contractors can log in to check the progress of their projects, their activity levels or screenshots, total time that has been spent working on the project, etc.

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