Computer Control with Time Tracking with Screenshots: Why is it Important?

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Modern man does not imagine himself living in a world without a computer. We use it at work and at home, sometimes without realizing how much time we spend on this machine. For that reason, computer control is becoming more relevant. Time tracking with screenshots is the program you need to use in order to be in full control of your time and your computer.

Recently, a curious survey was conducted: more than a hundred and fifty managers were asked “how much time you take away from your computer, and do you control this time?” The absolute majority answered that they work 80% of their working hours for PCs, and at home time is not controlled by the computer at all.

What is useful for controlling a computer?

Controlling the computer at work with time tracking with screenshots program will help the employee not to be distracted and to concentrate on the matter. The fact is that 77% of managers said that they find it difficult to focus on the task; they constantly switch from tab to tab, check work and personal mail, and respond to messages in instant messengers.

According to the research, after the distraction, the employee needs to spend 15 to 30 minutes to get back to the task. It turns out that without the control of the computer, the manager does not even notice that he spends the lion’s share of working time in vain.

Time tracking with screenshots at home will allow the employee to estimate the time that he pays to the machine. The fact is that managers were asked fairly personal questions, for example:
– Do you get enough sleep? About 82% answered that they sleep much less than normal and feel constant fatigue.
– Do you control the computer and do you make regular pauses for rest? More than 70% answered negatively.

So why do you need to have control over your computer and your own productivity? Human energy is not infinite and even the most motivated worker will work harder if he uses energy thoughtlessly. Time tracking with screenshots – the main working tool for a huge stratum of workers (from a junior specialist to a manager) is a tool that will help analyze a person’s activity and identify problem areas.

But to discover a problem does not mean to solve it.
Time tracking with screenshots only helps to identify the “pain points”, you need to cope with them, using a set of measures:
1. Regularly sleep at least 8 hours a day, otherwise, your concentration will decrease.
2. Pause every 90 minutes. The longer the work continues, the less effective labor becomes.
3. Enter frequent snacks. But do not forget that food should be useful.
4. Go in for sports, it stimulates the brain.
5. Do not practice multitasking – it’s a myth. It’s one thing in one time period. Computer monitoring will also help here:
time tracking with screenshots program will show which sites and at what time you were distracted. Work on the mistakes.

If you expend more energy than you can replenish, you can quickly burn out. Time tracking with screenshots is a tool that has become a serious necessity in modern life. It is important to pay attention to the time and intensity of work for the PC, to analyze its activities and make “corrections” that will help balance work and personal life.

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