Control of Employees: Who of Them Hates the Job, but Does Not Go Away

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Any manager dreams of dedicated and hard-working employees who love their work and are ready for the company’s exploits. But quite often, during the monitoring of personnel, he notes that not all workers work selflessly and sometimes somehow it happens that employees hate their work, but they do not quit.

According to a recent research, more than 50% of hired professionals hate their work and company, but they do not hurry to leave it. Accenture found that less than one-third of respondents were looking for a new job. Others – they suffer, but they leave everything as is. Men (70%) and women (69%) are equally ready to torture themselves. Among the reasons for dislike for work:

1. Low salary: it does not suit 44% of men and 47% of women.
2. Lack of prospects: 32% of men and 36% of women are concerned.
3. Lack of opportunities for career growth: 34% of men and 33% of women are upset.

However, the most surprising is that none of these reasons can drive specialists from their usual place of work. Often because they do not lose hope that some prospects will still appear: 57% of men and 59% of women therefore do not change jobs.

Time tracking with screenshots shows that such a mood does not at all contribute to high efficiency and productivity of labor of employees. And even more so it does not contribute to the strengthening of relations within the collective. Still, the transition to another company with the prospect of career growth is not such a strong incentive, as is commonly believed. Therefore, the manager somehow still has to stimulate subordinates to increase their productivity.

The study, on the one hand, showed that business owners have another advantage to retain on staff: employees do not want to change jobs and company and are ready to show loyalty even when there is no reason for it. But this information is little to own, it needs to be properly used. Time tracking with screenshots will help to find out in time those who have lost interest to work, and how to stimulate employees to work highly efficiently, the HR manager or the head of the company will decide.

In any case, this study provides food for thought and the ability to build more effective teamwork. If you still have not tried time tracking with screenshots, it’s high time to do this! SCREENish Time Tracker provides you incredible opportunity to better understand the work of your employees. There is a free trial period to see whether you feel satisfied with this software. Work day is visualized as a timeline, there are integrations with popular project management systems. You can also prepare flexible reports by using different filters.

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