Hourly rate tool – how to update rate of already recorded time.

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Sooner or later it comes the time to promote your employees. The decision in 99% comes after the new month has already started. For accounting purposes we usually wish to make it exactly from the first day of the month so … here we go again – we will need to alter reports and xls tables. Well – not anymore!

With our Change Hourly Rate Tool you will be able to adjust the hourly rate to any employee for any time period you want. No limitations.

All you have to do is pick one of your active employees, then you will be asked for Start and End dates for this promotion as well as for what project you wish to apply those changes to. If you wish to apply same price on several projects – there is no problem, just pick them in the multi-select.

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Finally, you will be asked whether you wish to change the hourly rate of your employee for those projects only by clicking on Please adjust Project prices accordingly. This will save you time instead of manually going to the projects, searching for this guy and manually applying the right price.


Before applying the price change, you will have a popup with a summaries of the action that you are about to do. This is your last chance to catch any possible errors in the request. If you agree, process will continue, hourly rates will be applied and you will get an Email warning about altering sensitive information inside SCREENish along with the IP address this of the user (most likely your own IP address). This way you will be always protected in case any of your employees tries to “adjust” his payments.

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