Different Methods to Cheat Time Tracking Software

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Many employees are trying to fool the time tracking software, and make some money which they don’t deserve. You will be astonished how creative freelancers can be when striving to achieve this goal. In fact, the employees don’t consider it is a big deal to clock some extra minutes when they are not actually working. Here we will tell you about some curious ways to deceive the time tracking with screenshots software. Check them out!

A ridiculous method to fool the software is by attaching a battery-operated toy to the computer’s mouse. When the toy moves, the mouse will move as well and the time tracking software will record this activity. However, if the employer decides to actually check the screenshots, he will understand you have been trying to cheat him.

Another way to mislead the time tracking software is by opening the website you want to visit on a big screen, and then open the website which is considered to be “productive” on a small screen. The tracking software will record the productivity levels of the small window.

An easy and very commonly used method to steal some “time” is by clocking-in earlier or clocking-out later than scheduled.

Some distant employees try to cheat the system by estimating the period on which the screenshots are taken. Those disloyal employees pretend to be working only in the minute when the screenshots are taken. However, calculating when the next screenshot will be taken is not as easy as it seems because tracking software has specific characteristics that prevent employees from cheating.

There are many more different ways to cheat time tracking with screenshots but we won’t reveal them. Let them be a secret! The important thing is to understand that time tracking will help building the mutual trust between employer and employees. Time tracking with screenshots will help you prove yourself that you are trustworthy employee. This software is also a tool to increase your efficiency! Accept it as a challenge to take control over your time! Stick to the habit not to enter websites that distract you while you are working. Understand exactly how much time you spend working!

Of course, it’s not a secret that some employees are tempted to add some extra bucks to their weekly payroll. In order to prevent your employers from cheating, you can set up some additional options that will stop them from visiting particular websites. You may adjust the options to be applied to one browser or for all browsers.

Another thing that you should do is explain them the consequences of cheating the time tracking software. Inform them they will be dismissed immediately! Make them understand that several hundred dollars which they will get from you from cheating the system cannot be compared to loosing a well-paid stable job, giving them many opportunities to grow in your team. Train your supervisors and employees to be honest in timekeeping.

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