Best female working tips in honour of international Women’s day

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The international Women’s day made us all think about a tendency we have all noticed recently, but probably neglected its logical reasons and explanation. It is about women’s working efficiency, which according to the experts is much higher than men’s these days. What made a woman more effective at work? How come she can be more productive during a shorter working time? Why men are left behind and don’t even get a damn about it?

When considering the factors that have made women more effective at work, we have come up with some mini conclusions or working tips you should also accept in your working style. And it does not matter if you are a girl, or a guy. These typical female working approaches and principles might drive you to the level of productiveness you’ve been struggling for.

  1. Women love to be controlled

Ok, there’s no need to make any naughty association with 50 Shades of Dark or some darker staff… We’re talking about work here. We’re talking about working style most women prefer these days and use to be better at work. Control is something they love, which is why they understand, when being disciplined with some penalties for not doing a thing in the office or even when GPS time tracking software is observing them round the whole day. Women prefer to work on the clear side, with no regrets, no secrets, no stupid things that distract them.

  1. They are multitasking by nature

They have been taught how to combine personal life, sex life, their children’s education and cares with their personal beauty needs and etc…This is why when they are assigned with more than 3 tasks in a dynamic time the company is experiencing, women don’t; panic, but work as they work when they have a single task per day. When you check female tracking timesheets online you will see that in one hour a woman can speak to a customer, check the incoming mails for the financial end of the year and meanwhile offer new ideas to the boss via Skype.

  1. Women are more emotional

You think it’s their weak point, but it’s not. As a matter of fact, today’s employers claim that they prefer to hire a worker, who’s passionate about the job than someone, who works in a robotic style. Eventually, women get better job positions these days, which is why even when they find difficulties in completing big tasks, they insert more energy than a man. Emotional workers are OK today and emotional hard-working women seem to be the dream of any smart employer today.

  1. Women are better in priorities management

Usually, a man has one big priority in life and a woman…wants it all, right? Well, no boss would like you to focus only on the rich customer you’ve got. A boss would like you to be attentive for any golden opportunity to seek and grab it. And then make it your new priority!

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