Breaking the Old-Fashioned Rules for Office Efficiency

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Tired of seeing your office workers checking their Facebook profiles every next hour? Worried about those remote workers, who only claim to be fully devoted to your new project, but unfortunately respond to your e-mails a couple of hours you’ve sent them an urgent message? You need to break the old-fashioned rules and get some new on board. The following tips will help you in making some huge and effective changes in your office organization with an ease and with no need to rob a bank:

  1. Let your Hitler-like personality go and simply, be the nice guy

No one likes Cerberus bosses. But what is even worse is that no one listens to them anymore. The hearty open-mindedness in work environment is no longer a fashion trend. It’s a tendency every reputable company is supposed to follow. As a manager with rude manners you will lose your staff’s respect. Eventually you’ll lose your best employers, which will lead to the loss of your job. Cause no one likes Hitler-like managers. Even the company owners!

  1. Better organization, worse opportunities for frauds

Don’t let enemies like competitors or bad workers to play nerve games with you. Fight their attempt to break you down with a simple, but strict organization. Start with regular things like timesheets online, innovative software for weekly payroll systems, internet courses for the entire department you are in charge with and etc. Eventually, you will see yourself with more free time during which to pat attention at growth strategies and attracting new colleagues with new ideas.

  1. Put things under your control without overreacting

Let your worker be aware that you know where they are at any moment without being there. GPS time tracking is a good alternative, for instance. The more physical surveillance you establish, the fewer results you will achieve. Experts claim that software products like GPS time tracking tools aren’t just solutions for remote workers, but also ways to eliminate the imprisoning case for an individual employee in an office. And office efficiency does matter of the balance between the proper control and the worker’s sense of wellness and being respected.

  1. Delegation isn’t a sin

No one’s perfect. And no one’s able to run an entire company, department or team by his own. As a manager or CEO you are put in charge for people, finances, problems and their solutions, expectations, plans and you name it. These are too many things for a single guy. But the smart guy on a management position makes it easier by delegating duties to other people in a way to let them feel important by executing these duties. It’s what you have to do, too!

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