Using Time and Attendance Tracking Software To Establish The Trust Base With Your Remote Workers

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How does the remote worker of your dreams look like? No, it’s not the remote worker, who’s going to enjoy doing thing for you for free. We say the dreamed worker, not the worker that does not actually exist. The remote worker everyone would like to meet in his or her team is the one you can trust. Because trust is the core of the good working relationships! Skills can be eventually acquired. Experience comes with time. Motivation dies or gets bigger…But trust is a thing you need to build with years and it takes one mistake for a remote worker to break it. Trust might be also the main reason for you not to hire a remote worker no matter how talented he or she is. And on the contrary – if you trust a guy, you will be willing to hire him no matter how big your doubts about his design knowledge are. After all, he said he wants to learn. And you trust him, right?

But things with remote work are a bit complicated. And trust is in the middle of this progressing complication. The fact that control is limited in remote working relationships makes it harder for an employer to build up trust with his workers. How can this obstacle be overcome? Haven’t the newest technologies got a solution for this issue, too? Well, of course, they have. And it’s called time and attendance tracking software. When using it you can freely and easily establish the trust base with your current and new remote workers. Using time and attendance tracking software is not just another way to control people, guys. It’s freedom. It’s not limit, but an opportunity to expel limits in your working relationships. Why do we think so? No, not because we’ve tried it. Or because we’ve been hired to promote such kind of software with time tracking with screenshots. It’s because it really works. And the biggest companies in the sphere have already tried and proved it works.

The thing is that standing behind your workers in your office checking out when they come to work and when they visit the private WC rooms is dull. It’s old-fashioned. And if your luck has run out, it’s also a risk for you to be sent to court (Do we really have to remind you what time you live in? A time, when everyone can be sent to court for anything. And when weaker sides, including the workers, usually have the right…). But it’s also inefficient. Can you really establish such a control over someone, when you’ve got so much work to do. And so many workers to follow in the same private WC room?

With remote workers, things get even more complicated. Some people prefer to avoid the problem by not settling any. They just refuse hiring remote workers. But isn’t the remote labour relationship the future of settling no boundaries between workers and employers and letting everyone be happy and free enough to do what they are good at? If you agree, then the opportunity for time tracking with screenshots is the guarantee for you to do it well!

Trust is everything. Over trusting or excessive freedom is what kills it.

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