4 Things About Remote Work That Are Left Behind Forever

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Like in business, things in remote style of work are no longer what they used to be.

About two decades ago, when everything started remote work was nothing else, but a way for a young creative person to stay jobless, among the snugness of his home with an excuse he can actually make money for living. Though, today, remote work is an ordinary work. And no one has the right to tell you are useless or full of free time. Anyway, the attitude towards the remote workers isn’t the only thing that has changed…As a matter of fact, these four things about remove work are left behind. The fact they are the past says a lot about the future of remote job positions, no doubt.

1. Remote work is no longer just an opportunity to get some extra cash at the end of the month

It’s actually a full-time job both: young and well-educated people appreciate. It was impossible to reach the amount of an average salary amount at the end of the month in the past. However, today, people even exceed it. Especially if they make it organize their work properly! Loosing time in social webs in vain is no longer a problem, when there are professional tools like time tracking with screenshots, too.

2. Remote work is no longer illegal

Not only legal, but remote work can be even bound with a civil or full-time job labour contract. And if you decide to have a kid after 4 years of being the virtual assistant, you’ll get the social benefits with no problems. Some remote employers even tend to provide more social benefits than their traditional colleagues.

3. You can’t cheat at remote work anymore

Ok, here’s one bad change about remote work lazy people must hate today. There was no strict control over remote workers in the past. However, today, with time tracking tools any employer can be aware of how each of his employees is handling the assigned tasks. So, dear World of Warcraft lovers, say goodbye to reaching two more new levels per day, while someone is paying you the daily wage…

4. It’s not hard to find remote work anymore

Not only as easy as hell to be found, but a remote job position is no longer supposed to be searched by the freelancer anymore. Actually, thousands of employees tend to prefer remote workers today. So things went the opposite way. And if in the past you were supposed to look for a freelance job, there’s a big possibility the job to find you tomorrow. In a way, this is good, because it took a freelancer a lot of time to find clients in the past. And when it comes to remote work, time is money, right?

Time tracking, more job positions, social privileges are just a few of the things we appreciate today about remote work. Just cannot imagine how remote work will look in 5 years…! Must be even greater!

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