Great News! SCREENish Time Tracking Now With New Features!

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We, at SCREENish have always tryed to respond to all needs and optimize the time tracking software for every type of management and work. Therefore, with pleasure we present to you the newest updates and features.

SCREENish – The Best Time Management Software and Productivity Tracker!

With SCREENish you do not need to be always depending on your internet connection. No more will your work pile up and create inconvenience just because the internet connection is creating problems. Now you can use

We know this will help you alot with your time management and productivity, taking a bunch of issues off your shoulders. With SCREENish any type of management will be easy.

You need to manage mobile employees?  The GPS and time tracking app for android is perfect for you. It will track the mobile team’s road and stops, and allow quick communication through notes and photos!

You have to manage an office or remote team? The desktop time tracking app for Windows, Mac and Linux has everything you need and a bunch of adjustable features to help you step up your management game.

The trusted time tracking browser extension for Chrome is ideal if you need to track only the working hours. Pure time tracker for when no monitoring is needed.

With SCREENish time tracking for desktop, browser and android you get a bunch of configurable options, depending on what your needs are and what you chose to use. You can create projects, set weekly limits and hourly rates for your employees.

With the dekstop time tracking software you can adjust the following feaures:

Have the time tracker take screenshots, track used programs, and idle time. All of which will be sent to you with weekly reports, and will be available for you in the worklog dashboard.

The desktop time tracking and productivity software will also monitor the activity levels of your employees, so that you can work on improving the workflow of your projects.

To further improve the work of your employees and prevent poor performance and slacking, you can create a list of distraction programs. Whenever anything from the list is being used, the employee will get a popup, untill the distraction activity stops.

For all work ever done with the time tracking software active you can get configurable reports to help with your accounting and management needs.
They can show you idle time, payrolls, worked hours.

To the convenience of freelancer and managers, project’s progress sharing with clients is a signle click away.

What else will help any manager or freelancer quickly deal with their work tracking and time managemnt needs?

  • Employee(s) Graphs Insights – Follow up on the weekly productivity improvement and activity levels of all your employees, or yourself. Ideal feature that will help you improve on the time management and performance. 
  • Convinient Work Log Display area – You can check the activity recorded for every single day, with all the infor from the features you set active.
  • Web Time Sheet & Reports – You will have accurate time sheets that will help with your time management accounting and budgeting. 
  • Payroll Reports – The accounting fnction will calcualte for you all hours worked for each employee according to their hourly rates. 
  • All Currencies available – You can se the hourly rates of your employees for any currency you need.

Did we mention how easy it is to use SCREENish time tracking ? The Intuitive User Interface allows you to orientate and learn how to use the program and the dashboard, without watching endless videos or reading tons of instructions. You can always reach to our dedicated customer support using the live chat or via email. Eager to start improiving your time and project managet? SCREENish offers you 10 days free time tracking. No credit card info or deposit required!

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