Getting Back on Track After the Holidays

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Ah, the holidays. The time of the year all of us are rushing to get things done in order to have nothing to do but relax during the few days we can spend with our family. All this rushing although might’ve seemed like a  good idea at the time, does not always have the best outcome. Suddenly when all the rush is over you realize how much you have forgotten to do and the workload that waits for you.

The struggle to get back in rhythm is real. We know how desperately you want to avoid that feeling and the most tiresome first days at work after the holidays. Therefore, we created this small list that will help you get back on track.

Look at the first day of work like an opportunity to do even better than before. Yes, instead of looking at the upcoming workweek with mixed feelings, try and get that positive attitude going.

Plan the first day of work the day before. We have often said that planning your work the day before can be very helpful and good for your time management and productivity. Plus, this will exclude the chance of you forgetting something important or struggling with the deadlines.

Wake up earlier. Usually, the organism quite easily gets relaxed and it is harder to tune up back to your schedule, especially if before the holidays you have exhausted it with all the preparations for few days of family joy.

Keep track of your tasks and time. Fixating yourself on the work is primary if you want that first day to not be a struggle. Your timing and productivity levels may need a little push after the holidays. The time management and productivity software and other collaboration and productivity improvement tools will always come in handy for such tasks.

SCREENish time tracking wishes you Happy Holidays and a productive New Year!

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