How Do You Convince A Potential Customer or Investor To Choose Your Product

USP techniques
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Whenever you try and build your business’ name on the market, you must never forget some of the main points, which make your propositions unique. It does not matter if you are speaking with a potential client or investors. Knowing how to sell your product to both is crucial for the growth of your business. Making a USP for your potential connections should be on your list of priorities.

The unique selling proposition must include several important facts, which serve to inform the potential customer / investor. To build a unique selling proposition (USP) you have to at first understand the needs of your customer and to convince the person before you that you can solve their issue.

Aside from sticking with etiquette when speaking, you must remember that every potential customer needs to see you do not just try to sell stuff. In other words, you show that you can offer them what they need because their problem is dear to you.

Another vital point in sales is knowing what are both the features and the benefits of your product/service and explain the two of them to your potential customer. Customers want to know what is their benefit, and it is a leading factor in their decision-making process.

Furthermore, whenever you speak with customers, it is primary to keep a simple and understandable language. Using too many complicated and obscure words, and sentences will not make your product better, but it will repel the customer’s desire to get informed and thus you will lose your chance.

On more important factor vital for the process is the quantity of information given. When you picture the product like the most beneficial thing in the world and keep reciting more and more unnecessary information, the customer will get fed up with it and again be repelled.

Rather than making such a long speach, simply explain why your product is better for them than that of the competition. This is where it is important you are informed about the products your market rivals sell. Highlight the facts, which positively distinguish your product from that of your rivals. This way the customer will see you actually can somewhat prove your words.

Speaking in numbers is another good technique when you are trying to sell your product/service. Instead of simply saying your service is better, say what percentage of the people on the market prefer your product. Instead of saying you have a more reliable service, say what percentage of the people find your service more satisfying than that of your competitors.

All these mentioned above are also usefull in indirect sales, for instance in the review of a product on your page. Making a clear, simple and informative review for your product online, will also attract more customers.

One more important point in building your successful USP on the market is with branding. When you spread the word for your company, creating a unique name and image for your product in the consumers’ mind is also important. This happens mainly through advertising campaigns. When you create a brand, you begin to distinguish your business from that of the competition. With branding, you establish a significant presence in the market. Branding is a mandatory, and of a first investment priority.

The USP you make for your product in front of customers is also very valuable when you search for investors. As part of the key features investors look for in a startup, the USP is important for you to distinguish yourself from the competition and thus gain the trust of good investors.

Your marketing campaign starts with knowing what your customers want, and offering them more then they actually hoped. Especially for small business owners, startups, and entrepreneurs, gaining loyal customers will help in building a successful and flourishing business.

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