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As of the recent 2 changes of UpWork’s pricing policy, we have encountered a wave of freelancers and employers who look for an alternative to the platform’s time tracking software elsewhere.

That being said, it is known that UpWork‘s useful tool for both freelancers and their clients was exactly the opportunity to track the working hours as evidence for the payment required.

For freelancers, it will be extremely easy to substitute the freelance website UpWork‘s app with SCREENishtime tracking software. Why?

UpWork‘s time tracking software allowed the freelancers to pick an employer, a project and start tracking their hours, with the app taking screenshots every now and then, also recording their keyboard/mouse activity, storing all info on their website in a work diary menu.

The Software

As an employee/freelancer with SCREENish, you can again choose between multiple employers and projects in the highly intuitive time tracking app.

SCREENish is also an app that allows time tracking with screenshots and records the activity levels of your mouse/keyboards.

With SCREENish, you can set notes for each working cycle as the time tracking app will remind you to update your information, as often as you have set it to, while you work on your project.

The Worklog

The information recorded from the time tracking software is simultaneously uploaded the in the SCREENish database, accessible only to the freelancer and the employer.

Using the worklog menu on the website of SCREENish you can access your tracked activities.

SCREENish holds a record of your working hours, where it allows the freelancer to edit them, also see how much hours have they worked on which project, monthly, weekly and daily.

The Employers

Furthermore, the employer can set hourly rates and weekly limits for each hired freelancer.

The employer can create projects, add their objective and form teams, using the project panel.

The website also offers an accounting option, which summarizes the working hours of the chosen employee for selected time period and calculates the payment based on the hourly rates and recorded time in the timesheets.

SCREENish also presents the employer with a weekly graph, where the overall performance of the team is presented.

The Advantage

A huge plus is, SCREENish time tracking software is free for use for freelancers, while there is a small monthly fee for employers and the more people an employer has the better price we can offer.

You can check SCREENish‘ full options in here.

Our team is constantly improving the services of the app and website to make it even more convenient than it already is. Why don’t you try SCREENish? You get a 10 free trial, no credit card info required! If you have any questions, use the contact form and we will provide you with an answer shortly.

SCREENish Team.

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