One More Change In The UpWork Pricing Policy

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Recently the freelance giant announced they will raise their taxes up to 25% for the freelancers, and 2,75% for the contractors, starting the 1st of June. However, even more changes followed since a great many contractors and freelancers decided they will close their accounts.

The Newest UpWork Pricing Policy Update


Now, just a little while after the first announcement, UpWork sent a new message to its users, promising their policy will not take effect over the old contracts, only new ones. Furthermore, the day of change has been postponed to 21st of June. Now, according to the last letter, a freelancers fee will not change for old contracts, only for those signed after June 21st, however, if the old contract reaches the $500 the fee will be according to the new policy. At first look, it seems okay, but question is, how many lifelong contracts are there on the website?

Sooner or later the contract will be over, the job will be done and freelancers will again pay 25% in UpWork taxes. Lucky will only be a few people with contracts above $10,000 and not forever. Clients’ new pricing has not changed and they will continue to pay 2.75% per-transaction fee unless they are from a specific country.  This only serves to prove that even with the newest pricing policy update, there are not actual lasting changes that can be beneficial for the freelance community. It simply just delays the inevitable.

The Freelance Community


We could only guess the freelance platform owners got scared of the weave of leavers, who publicly denounced the website. We could point that and the fact that it has been a significant drop in numbers of the job opportunities posted in the UpWork feed, especially the last weeks. After many have accused UpWork of ripping freelancers and employers the internet is now flooded with commercials of upcoming or older websites promising their users a fair system.  Another future solution many have taken into consideration is the usage of a time tracking software to keep record of work hours and continue their relationship with  clients.

The Future Of Freelancing

The newest fee changes of UpWork may be tempting for the old users of the website, yet will repel any new aspiring talents to offer their services using that exact platform. Inevitably it is highly unlikely those who have left to return to the website, as the previous declaration forever branded UpWork as a website who does not care for it users, be it freelancers or employers.

The Conclusion

Once a great platform, which gave amazing opportunities, UpWork is now causing a great deal of changes on the freelance market. The user migration has started and the newest change will not be able to stop that. The monopole over the freelance marker is no longer in the hands of UpWork, unless they yet again decide to make a fee change that cancels the change. Anyhow, the past events have won UpWork a bad name over the internet, and there is no cure for that. It is up to the freelance community to either choose to keep up with the insane pricing or search for better solutions like time tracking software or other freelance platforms.

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2 thoughts on “One More Change In The UpWork Pricing Policy”

  1. There are so many timewasters on Upwork and people with completely unrealistic expectations expecting $5 will cover the cost of a website design for example. If all this crap was cut from the site and minimum prices on all jobs set then we would earn more money and Upwork would too. If it’s these small jobs hemorrhaging the dough – clamp down on these freeloaders and vet clients just as you do your freelancers. It would drastically change things in an instant and give the site alot more respect. This price change will massively damage those at the lowest level who do mostly one time jobs for clients therefore will never earn $500 from a single client because they only have that one time need. The fact Upwork seem incapable of sympathizing with their members frustration has been one of the most disappointing aspects of all of this.

    1. Does this mean you still think UpWork is in its right to so drastically increase the fees and rob the freelancers of their labor and earnings?

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