Time And Quality Management of Outsourced Services

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Time management and observation of the outsourced services in your company is a paramount action for the quality assurance and control over the outsourced process.
When it comes to quality control of the outsourced service providers an observation should be made of the used techniques and activities to fulfill the requirements, while assurance is the very systematic approach to fulfilling these requirements.

To assure the quality of the service or product you are outsourcing it is common to create a strategy, system and standards which cover those requirements. The more efficient is the system you develop, the less likely it is the requirements are not met. However, for the system to work you need to apply time and activity monitoring – in other words, quality and time control.

When you use a time tracking software to manage your outsourced service providers as a part of your quality control management, you get insight into their very process and can actively participate in their tasks, give guidelines, spot errors/mistakes, assign convenient milestones and distribute tasks.

Outsourcing projects demand a great deal of attention to all details. Quality and time managing an outsourced process would require a regular communication during and before the process, clear and organized information upon assignment and availability if any further questions should arise.

Therefore, when using the outsourcing solution will be best to:

Schedule regular meetings with the outsourced team/employee if it is not a one-time job. Meetings are the perfect opportunity to catch up on the current condition of things, improve the organization of the work process and the strategy, as well as clear any doubts, issues and problems.
Monitor and time track all ongoing projects assigned to the outsourced service providers, in order to check up work times, hours, payments and quality.
Be responsive and open to questions as often at possible, if you would expect things to be done exactly the way you want them to be.
Be realistic about the time windows and if not sure how much time a task should take – ask the one who is supposed to do it and come up with a convenient turnaround that works for all of you.
Ask about the work time of your outsourced professional if you are not in a similar time zone, so you can optimize your schedule or your manager utilizes his time around it, since if the project is long and ongoing, it will be best to have some hours in which to communicate.

Outsourcing your projects is a step up the ladder to organizational and performance improvement, yet if the management is not up to the level it can be quite the opposite. A common solution among companies who hire outsourced professionals is to make a separate strategy for the very project being outsourced and assign a manager to the outsourced team/employee.

Excellent Time and Quality management of outsourced projects areĀ  mandatory, therefore, using every tool and technique to ensure the smooth workflow is in your best interest. Outsourcing, as it is well known is a profitable solution, for those who use it right.

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