Are You Using The Services Of Your Employees To The Optimal Benefit?

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To be a good manager or employer, you knowing what is best for the company is your first priority. Knowing the skills of your team is one such requirement. Then which are the most valuable skills of every employee – outsourced or not?

Hiring an outsourced professional in your team is a game-changing action. As it is well-known outsourcing is a solution that is time and money saving and can completely transform the way your project is being done and what outcome it will have. Yet, hiring an outsourced worker can be even more beneficial for your business if you are willing to give your new employee the necessary space to excel.

People with spirit and character. Probably one of the best things you can do for your business is hiring people that have enthusiasm and are eager to use their abilities and skills. Lively people with awake minds and active behavior are always ready to express and impress.

However only hiring such outsourced or in-house professionals is not enough. As a leader, you are supposed to give them a chance to work with their best abilities. To manage is not only to give out assignments with the words “Do your best!”, since the moment that can change everything is when you ask your employees for their opinion and ideas.

Why is that? Well, often enough people with a higher ranking in their company think they are more capable and they have the best solution. But are you willing to bet your profit on ego? After all, a business is born from an idea and is feeding on ideas in order to grow. Let’s take a look at the successful companies around the world. What is most precious to them? It is the creativity.

That takes us yet again to outsourcing. Hiring some fresh blood in your team will ingrain a productive spirit in your employees. Needless to mention is that the outsourced professionals are almost always fluent on more than one subject and it is highly possible they have built and extensive experience in their years of practice while working on different projects and for different people. Hence, they could be more literate on the subject than you had originally thought.

Hiring people with skills and technique, however, does not necessarily mean they must have a “professional” working history or education to show in their CV.  This again returns us to communication, trials, and feedback. Many of the outsourced service providers are self-educated. And this is just a perfect opportunity to let someone that loves what he/she does join your team and work for you.

People that are well organized and are  with an attitude will raise the performance of your team. Trial jobs, interviews and everything else should be enough to understand if a person is a perfect fit for your company and team. Communicative people that are not procrastinating their tasks are always responsive and always express their opinion and ask for yours. Those are employees that are willing to learn, to grow and to enhance their own abilities. Those people have excellent time management abilities and high personal organization.

In the end, what does it all mean? Do not put any of your in-house employees and outsourced workers in a task-cage. Everyone works better when they are allowed to use their brains and show their skills. Acting for the best for your team by all means necessary will always pay out.

Show your leader qualities if you expect quality work.

The leader does not only speak, the leader listens. Gather your employees and remote workers for a brainstorming session once in a while. Today there are enough communication tools to help you make such a meeting. Making such briefings can actually improve the quality of your service/product. After all, you must always welcome renovations and ideas that can enhance or increase the productivity and quality for every project.

The leader is always well organized. Time tracking your team and managing every employee, especially outsourced workers is paramount. To have a productive workflow and to stay on schedule, you must be able to control the situation and organize it in such way that will allow the timely reactions of every participant. Using a time tracking software with screenshots and activity levels can give you a detailed picture of everybody’s work and an insight about their assigned task.

The leader will give only constructive feedback.  Giving out feedback is a top management priority. The end product is extremely relevant to the performance of your team. The feedback you are giving about your employees’ work will always help enhance their performance and aid them in optimizing their technique and quality of their output.

For your team of outsourced employees and regular ones to work for your benefit, you must truly understand their abilities and let them use their skills for the good of the company. However, a company is as successful as its employees, therefore you must manage them wisely.

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