Do your best to organize your team!

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It can be really stressful to work with disorganized colleagues, for most certainly they will have a negative effect on everyone’s personal productivity. What should be done in such situations?

  • Be communicative! First is to find a common voice with the people that are causing this negative effect on everyone’s time management and productivity. Explain how and why their lack of personal organization and time management are causing the efficiency of the workflow to go downwards and how in the end this will lead only to loss or substantially lower income.  Help these individuals gain control over their schedule.
  • Search for a reason. Often enough people can not maintain their schedule since some issues have ruined their plans. This is another reason why communication is vital, it is just as possible the person you are relying on to have a slow down because of a major issue no one knew about.
  • Cooperate. It does not matter what is each team member’s place in the hierarchy. Try and cooperate and manage the tasks at hand with all colleagues.  Employee time and attendance and time tracking for employees are vital to the team’s cooperation. If there is no cooperation and just chaos all will be doomed to failure.
  • Organize. Regular briefings are important for the project and project tracking.  This is everyday chance to do better, to improve and to maintain stability in the workflow, which will take the project much closer to success.

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