Common management mistakes

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The new manager often enough make the same mistakes when they are assigned a job. These are some of the common ones and new managers should try their best to avoid.

It is not rare for new managers to not consult with their boss in order to show they “Know it all” and “Can do it all alone”. The communication link between the new manager and the boss should never be broken.

There is also the total opposite when new managers run to the boss for every small issue without trying and solve the problem on their own.

There is no need even to mention a new manager should take charge of the mistakes he/she made and never ask of the boss or supervisor to close their eyes for that one,  just as never should blame the mistakes on another person.

To rely on the raw technical skills and knowledge is another mistake that is commonly made. It is essential that a new manager takes the time to improve or develop time management skills, people skill, and organizational habit. Everyone knows the job on theory, this does not mean they can do it.

Failing to check employee time and attendance because you made friends is another common mistakes. This is part of the job description that can not be neglected. Also do not terrorize the employees on their day off, they are people too.

Furthermore, customer care is essential for the well-being of the organization. A manager should always keep in touch with the customers so that all requirements they have are met and the business is successful.

Since a manager is a figure of authority he/she must never use their power for own benefit and not in the interest of the company/organization.

These mistakes will cause you not only your job, but the company’s success!

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