Bad Management Practices Or What We Should Not Do When Leading A Team

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Today we shall look at few bad management practices that are common and often used in companies worldwide. Such mistakes are bad for the business and  the reputation you are trying to build. Look at them closely and think, because preventing such issues is important if you want to be successful. After all a team is a reflection of its leadership.

Fail to attend to details is a common mistake, which most of you will probably make. A working environment needs to tend to all core responsibilities and resolve them fast. Miscalculation of the time management needed to finish a project, or the finance needed to complete it successfully are among the often mistakes in managing. To prevent such mistakes all calculations must be made before the projects starts and to cover all basis, leaving time and money to spare in any case.

The inability to explain yourself and the work you want done. Regularly the management doesn’t explain well and in details the current situation to the particular team member. This often results in misunderstandings and slowing of the work process, since the team member is covered with irrelevant information that in most times only confuses his work and slows it down.

Aggressive management is yet another mistake that ruins the quality of work. Employees who do their work in fear do not give their all, often try to avoid any communication with their superiors thus the whole work process is slowed and encounters many problems, while the productivity is low quality and insufficient.

Being part of quarrels and intrigues or a creator of such disunion between the team members is another crucial mistake that many managers do. A team does not function properly if they are not united. As a manager of a team, one must avoid all personal intrigues that may arise between his team members and never to be part of them. This also includes the unnecessary appraisal of particular members in order to tease other employees or sabotaging one’s work for personal reasons. Sabotaging also includes giving out work to someone you know for sure he/she can’t do.

Failing to actually listen to your employees problems in the work process is like to score own goal. If you are actually too busy to pay attention to all your employees, then it is obvious you need to find someone else or something else to resolve them. Keeping note of the whole work process via management software and employee tracking tools will help to catch and resolve such issues faster.

Lies about the job  to be done can do more damage than you think. Giving out false information in order to describe a prettier picture to your employees will not make their work better. In opposite it may actually discourage them when they find out the difference between your words and the actual job. It will result in disharmony, low quality of work and loss of trust in you as a leader.

Acting as if your employees are not people do not have life is another thing that may cost you a lot. They are also people, they have problems, needs and families. They too can fall ill, have a bad day and much more. Try to understand them, do not overwork them for personal profit, because this will come back and bite you. None likes to be treated like a slave, and low pay for a lot of work is very common. Respect their work, respect them and they will pay back with gratitude and productiveness.

In conclusion we might say that being a good employer is a necessity for your success. You company might be build for your idea, but it is kept alive thanks to your employees. Do yourself a favor and manage them accordingly.

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