Hierarchy – the difference between order and chaos.

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Many small companies in present day neglect the need of proper and visible office hierarchy. Every institution big or small needs active and properly distributed hierarchy to efficiently control their staff and projects.

If an efficient office management is not active the chaos is visible and the order nonexistent or unsustainable. For the office to work properly every employee needs to know the role of all the administration and his coworkers, and for the administration to know the role of all employees. The employee needs to know to whom he/she should turn in every case that may appear, who to connect in a particular situation. The respect for the hierarchy is important, therefore you must always have a trainer which to explain to all employees the hierarchy in the company. With a present working hierarchy the chance of project failure is smaller, since all the emerged problems will be directed to the proper section and dealt with.

Errors in the work process arise from too much scattered information and neglected connections, as well as the misunderstandings in the communicative line. Every member of your team should know who is responsible for what sphere of the work you are doing, who is leading which project. It is not a single manager’s work, single mind can’t comprehend too large team and all its possible problems in the most efficient and quicker way. Through the years the most helpful way has turned to be the keeping a well organized documentation, accessible at any time. In work tracking it is essential to have all the information regarding past and ongoing projects and activities at your disposal.

Work time management is inefficient if all important data on productivity and time usage is not available for review.Always keep track and record of all work related activity and respect the employee hierarchy.

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